lub Interface in 3G WCDMA

The 3G Iub interface is the terrestrial interface between NodeB and RNC. The Radio Network Layer defines procedures related to the operation of the WCDMA NodeB. The

WCDMA Iu PS Interface

Here I write about Iu PS Interface in WCDMA. WCDMA Protocol Structure for Iu PS The Iu PS protocol structure is represented in below image. Again, a

WCDMA Iu CS Interface

WCDMA Protocol Structure for Iu CS The WCDMA Iu CS overall protocol structure is depicted in below image. The three planes in the Iu interface share a

What is 3G? or WCDMA?

3G is new upgraded cdma technology, in simple word its Wide band Code Devision Multiple Access Technology (WCDMA). This is first technology in which video call possible

How WCDMA Uu Interface

WDMA Air interface or Uu Interface contains 3 layers which describe as follow, The WCDMA layer 1 supports all functions required for the transmission of bit streams

Why LTE Require in Telecom ?

Higher data rates: Obviously this is a general requirement requested from any new system. Quality of service, Lower delay: To enable true convergence between real-time and non-real-time

How LTE Network Architecture?

The LTE/EPC architecture is driven by the goal to optimize the system for packet data transfer. Remember that There are no circuit switched components in LTE/EPC. There

How PLMN Selection in GSM

When the mobile is switched on it will select the registered PLMN in the mobile if there exist one. If there is no registered GSM PLMN or

LTE Link Budget and Coverage Planning

Here I write on LTE RF link budget basic but important topics and criteria to remember for coverage planning for LTE. Let’s start topics. Why Link Budget

What is Speech Coding

The coding mode is called Regular Pulse Excited-Long Term Prediction (RPE-LTP). It works as follow: 8KHZ of sampling is performed first, then divided into frames with 20ms;