Vocoder: A Voice Compression in CDMA

When we talk, we pause between syllables and words. CDMA takes advantage of these pauses in speech activity. Analog to digital conversion The voice signal is converted
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Definition of Forward Channel in CDMA

There are Four channel in Forward direction in cdma. PILOT CHANNEL (1) SYNC CHANNEL (1) FORWARD TRAFFIC + PAGING CHANNELS (62) PAGING CHANNELS ( MAXIMUM 7) PILOT
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How Non Access Stratum procedures works in LTE

The procedures for the Non Access Stratum, especially power management procedures are substantially similar to UMTS. Main change is that the UMTS EPS allows concatenation certain procedures
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What is RAKE RECEIVER and its Purpose in CDMA

Rake Receiver Instead of trying to overpower or correct multipath problems, CDMA takes advantage of the multipath to improve reception quality in fading conditions. CDMA does this
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CDMA Spatial Diversity

Diversity Reception: Multiple Antennas at Base Station Each Antenna is Affected by Multipath Differently Due to Their Different Location Allows Selection of the Signal Least Affected by
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Vocoders and its Type in CDMA

Vocoders Human voice is made up of a combination of voiced and unvoiced sounds Vocoders exploit these properties of speech production mechanism Vocoders do not respond to
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Why Power Control Essential in CDMA ?

Power control is essential for the smooth operation of a cdma system. Because all users share the same rf band through the use of pn codes Each user
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What is CDMA Time Diversity ?

Time diversity is a technique common to most digital transmission systems.  The Rake Receiver is used to find and demodulate multipath signals that are time delayed from
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How Interleaving Improves Data Transmission Systems?

This graphically demonstrates why interleaving data improves error correction performance of data transmission systems. In the top Image, data is sequentially read out of a buffer than
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Interleaving Improves Data Transmission Systems, data, error correction, blocks, interleaved, during transmission, data transmission, transmitted

What is Correlation in CDMA ?

Correlation Is a Measure of How Well a Given Signal Matches a Desired Code, The Desired Code is Compared to the Given Signal at Various Test times.
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What is Correlation in CDMA, correlation, desired code, given signal, digital, direct sequence CDMA systems, received signal

How Frequency Diversity works in CDMA?

Frequency diversity is inherent in a spread spectrum system.  A fade of the entire signal is less likely than with narrow band systems. Combats Fading, Caused by
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How Spatial Diversity works during Soft Handoff in CDMA ?

CDMA extends the idea of diversity reception with the concept of soft handoff.  In the slide, a mobile CDMA phone has established a call with base station
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soft handoff, base station, mobile, searcher, candidate, diversity reception, Spatial Diversity