Orthogonal Code Usage – Coding & Decoding in WCDMA

How Orthogonal Code works in WCDMA? 1.Coding By spreading, each symbol is multiplied with all the chips in the orthogonal sequence assigned to the user. The resulting sequence is processed...
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Orthogonal Code Usage - Coding & Decoding in WCDMA, transmitter, receiver, code, usage wcdma, wcdma codescdma, CHANNEL, orthogonal, physical, sequence, symbol, telecom, user, wcdma spreading

WCDMA Network Architecture

WCDMA including the RAN (Radio Access Network) and the CN (Core Network). The RAN is used to process all the radio-related functions, while the CN is used to process all...
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cdma, cn, data, process, radio, ran, telecom, umts, voice call, WCDMA / 3G, wcdma radio network system

Signal Fading

Slow fading: In case shadow effect is caused by obstacles, and the receiving signal strength decreases but the field strength mid-value changes slowly with the change of the topography, the...
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fading, fast fading, slow fading, frequency selective, strength, frequencyalgorithmic, apn, decrease, effect, epc, fading, gsm, hlr, pn, shadow, slow fading, WCDMA / 3G

What is HS-DPCCH and High-Speed Dedicated Physical Control Channel work in WCDMA

Carrying information to acknowledge downlink transport blocks and feedback information to the system for scheduling and link adaptation of transport block CQI and ACK/NACK Physical Channel, Uplink, SF=256 A High-Speed...
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What is HS-DPCCH and High-Speed Dedicated Physical Control Channel work in WCDMA, hs-dpcch channel wcdma, wcdma control channel, wcdma 3g channel, wcdma basic, wcdma working channel logicalcdma pilot, fading effect on rf network, mobile network code, pilot, pilot carrier in ofdm, pilot channel cdma structure, pilot pn, pilot power vs sync power in cdma

Processing Procedure of WCDMA System

Source coding can increase the transmitting efficiency. Channel coding can make the transmission more reliable. Spreading can increase the capability of overcoming interference. Through the modulation, the signals will transfer...
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Processing Procedure of WCDMA Systemcdma, CHANNEL, chip, coding, interleaving, modulation, signal, spreading, telecom

WCDMA Source Coding

AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate) Speech A integrated speech codec with 8 source rates The AMR bit rates can be controlled by the RAN depending on the system load and quality of...
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WCDMA Source Codingamr, cdma, code, cs, data, domain, gsm, multiplexing, protocol, ps, ran, speech, telecom, WCDMA / 3G

WCDMA Block Coding – CRC

Block coding is used to detect if there are any uncorrected errors left after error correction. The cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is a common method of block coding. Adding the...
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WCDMA Block Coding - CRCblock, cdma, coding, crc, decoding, fading, interference, interleaving, power control, telecom, transmission, WCDMA / 3G

Transmit Diversity mode in UMTS

In This article you found Application of Tx diversity modes on UMTS downlink physical channel or in other word transmit diversity mode in UMTS. Transmitter-antenna diversity can be used to...
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Transmit Diversity mode in UMTS, UMTS nodeB, UMTS UE, UMTS Transmit, UMTS open loop, UMTS Closed loop, umts, umts basiclte antenna, panel antenna, umts channel coding, umts downlink frame structure, wcdma link budget

Work of Downlink Dedicated Physical Channel for 3G

The uplink DPDCH and DPCCH are I/Q code multiplexed. But the downlink DPDCH and DPCCH is time multiplexed. This is main difference. Basically, there are two types of downlink DPCH....
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Downlink Dedicated Physical Channel for 3G, dpdch, uplink, downlink, multiplexed, physical channel 3g, 3g physical, 3g channelBCH Channel, downlink data, downlink power control in lte, lte downlink channel mapping, meaning of downlink channelization codes, power control qpsk lte downlink, tdd downlink

Emergence of Standards-Based Technology

In 1998, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) formed a group called 802.16 to develop a standard for what was called a wireless metropolitan area network, or wireless...
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Emergence of Standards-Based Technology, interoperability testing, ieee, standards, wimax forum, physical layer, specifications, metropolitan area, interoperability testing, division duplexing3g, antenna, broadband, difference between, fdma, fixed, ofdma, point, solution, system, telecom, wifi, Wimax

Spreading Technology in WCDMA

Spreading consists of 2 steps: Channelization operation, which transforms data symbols into chips Scrambling operation is applied to the spreading signal Spreading means increasing the bandwidth of the signal beyond...
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bandwidth, cdma, channelization code, data symbol, scrambling, spreading, telecom, utran, what is the real meaning of spreading channelization?

Spectrum Analysis of Spreading & Dispreading in WCDMA-3G

How Spreading & Dispreading in WCDMA-3G ? Traditional radio communication systems transmit data using the minimum bandwidth required to carry it as a narrowband signal. CDMA system mix their input...
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Spectrum Analysis of Spreading & Dispreading in WCDMA-3G, Spectrum Analysis, radio, communication, systems, transmit datacdma, cdma spreading, data, dispreading, receiver, spectrum, spreading, spreading bandwidth, system, telecom, transmit, wcdma spread, wcdma spreading

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