Correlation in WCDMA

How Correlation works in WCDMA ? Correlation measures similarity between any two arbitrary signals. Identical and Orthogonal signals: Correlation is used to measure similarity of any two arbitrary signals. It...
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WCDMA Interleaving

How WCDMA Interleaving ? Effect Interleaving is used to reduce the probability of consecutive bits error Longer interleaving periods have better data protection with more delay Channel coding works well...
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WCDMA Channel Coding

Effect Enhance the correlation among symbols so as to recover the signal when interference occurs Provides better error correction at receiver, but brings increment of the delay Channel Types No...
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Which Bands Used in WCDMA ?

There are different band in different country but most of commonly used band we will discuss here. Main bands : means basic band when 3G commercial launch by Private or public...
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3G Spectrum Allocation

How 3G Spectrum Allocation? 3G Spectrum Allocation is different in different country but mainly its all having as per below figure. ITU has allocated 3G Spectrum Allocation 230 MHz frequency...
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Work of Acquisition Indicator Channel AICH in 3G

Here I write about what is main work of Acquisition Indicator Channel AICH in 3G There is 2 types main work of AICH Carrying the Acquisition Indicators (AI), SF =...
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Work of Uplink Dedicated Physical Channel in WCDMA

There are two kinds of uplink dedicated physical channels, the Dedicated Physical Data Channel (DPDCH) and the Dedicated Physical Control Channel (DPCCH). The DPDCH is used to carry the DCH...
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What are SRNC and DRNC in WCDMA

SRNC and DRNC are concepts for a connected UE. The SRNC handles the connection to one UE, and may borrow radio resources of a certain cell from the DRNC. Drift...
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lub Interface in 3G WCDMA

The 3G Iub interface is the terrestrial interface between NodeB and RNC. The Radio Network Layer defines procedures related to the operation of the WCDMA NodeB. The Transport Network Layer...
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WCDMA Iu PS Interface

Here I write about Iu PS Interface in WCDMA. WCDMA Protocol Structure for Iu PS The Iu PS protocol structure is represented in below image. Again, a common ATM transport...
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WCDMA Iu CS Interface

WCDMA Protocol Structure for Iu CS The WCDMA Iu CS overall protocol structure is depicted in below image. The three planes in the Iu interface share a common ATM (Asynchronous...
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How UTRAN Terrestrial Interface Protocol Mode – UTRAN layers and planes

The structure is based on the principle that the layers and planes are logically independent of each other. Protocol structures in UTRAN terrestrial interfaces are designed according to the same...
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