Here You Get how 3G work, Go inside WCDMA Technology and wcdma rf optimization.

Paging Indicator Channel PICH work in 3G

Paging Indicator Channel PICH main work in 3G as below. Carrying Paging Indicators (PI) Fixed rate (30kbps), SF = 256 N paging indicators {PI0, …, PIN-1} in each PICH frame,

Site Survey ideas for WCDMA

Site surveys allow us to measure the level of coverage that the macro network provides the building, check out the details and understand the environment and existing objects in the

WCDMA Antenna System Design in Detail

During detailed design, the main task is to determine the exact type and placement of the Antenna, to ensure sufficient coverage to meet the requirements. During this process, the physical

WCDMA Indoor antenna Solution

Indoor solutions required? First, to analyze whether the macro cell coverage is enough. Even if the macro analysis of the project and the macro network test-drive network has sufficient coverage,

Initial Design of WCDMA Network

After you have defined the requirements for coverage and capacity, the first step in the planning of the internal network is to make an initial assessment of which roofing solution