X2 interface Function in LTE – A Connection between Two eNodeBs

The X2 interface is the interface between the eNodeBs. X2 interface protocol stack is described in Figure. X2 Interface performs the following functions: X2-UP (User Plane) X2-CP (Control Plane) LTE...
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LTE Link Budget Tool Parameter and Example of LTE Link Budget Tool

The LTE link budget tool support the analysis for DL Traffic, UL Traffic, as well as signaling channel. Then the smallest radius is used as the final coverage radius based...
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LTE Architecture- SERVICE, EPC, E-UTRAN and User Equipment

lets talk about LTE Architecture- SERVICE, EPC, E-UTRAN and User Equipment. In the LTE network is divided into 2 basic networks, namely: 1. EUTRAN (Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network) 2....
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Modulation and TB size

A 5-bit “modulation and coding scheme” yields the modulation order, i.e. QPSK, 16QAM or 64QAM. Implicitly the coding rate is given by a combination of the number of scheduled RBs...
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Functionally of EPC in LTE

EPC ( Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network) Functionally the EPC is equivalent to the packet switched domain of the existing 3GPP networks. EPC consist of:–MME (Mobility Management Entity)–SAE GW...
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What is LTE Requirement ?

Peak data rate 100Mbps (DL) and 50Mbps (UL) to 20MHz Throughput increased by 3-4 times and 2-3 times for the downlink to uplink from HSDPA Rel6 (DL=14.4Mbps, to use transmitter...
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Implementation Margin in LTE

Implementation margin is used to include non-ideal receiver effects such as channel estimation errors, tracking errors, quantization errors, and phase noise.  This implementation margin or sensitivity degradation can be used...
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Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) in LTE

How PDCP in LTE? The main services provided by the Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) are: For the user plane:  IP header compression and decompression with the Robust Header Compression...
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MIMO & Cell Traffic in LTE

The Tx Div can be applied on all the physical channels: Physical DL Shared Channel (PDSCH) Physical Broadcast Channel (PBCH) Physical Control Format Indicator Channel (PCFICH) Physical Downlink Control Channel...
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MIMO Multi User in LTE

MIMO-MU = Multi user It is used only in Uplink. MIMO-MU does not increase the individual user’s data rate but it does offer cell capacity gains that are similar to,...
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MIMO = Multiple Input Multiple Output in LTE

MIMO = Multiple Input Multiple Output 2 or more transmitters and 2 or more receivers. MIMO transmits several streams whereas SIMO or MISO transmits only one stream. If there are...
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H-ARQ Mechanism in DL

1. The Transport block is transmitted to the UE on the PDSCH. 2. The UE receives it but it is erroneous. The TB is stored in a buffer. 3. The...
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