A mobile will in one of four states after it is powered on. Initialization State In the Initialization State, the mobile tunes to the first preferred RF frequency channel...
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MOBILE TRANSITION INTO DIFFERENT STATEScdma, function signal, mobile, state

Propagation Path

Radio wave can be propagated from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna in many ways: perpendicular incidence wave or ground refraction wave, diffraction wave, troposphere reflection wave, ionosphere reflection...
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Propagation Path, troposphere, wave, reflection, ionosphere, diffraction, signalantenna, apn, cell, diffraction, ground, hlr, pn, radio, receiver, reflectionwave, telecom, vlr, wave

Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave

When the radio wave propagates in the air, the electric field direction changes regularly. If the electric field direction of radio wave is vertical to the ground, the radio wave...
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Propagation of Electromagnetic Waveantenna, diffraction, ground, lte electromagnetic wave, pn, radio, receiver, reflectionwave, telecom, wave

Radio Wave Spectrum

The radio waves are distributed in 3Hz ~ 3000GHz. This spectrum is divided into 12 bands, as shown in the above table. The frequencies in each specific band present unique...
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mobile communication, frequency, system, coverageantenna, apn, diffraction, epc, pn, radio, rake, receiver, reflectionwave, vlr, wave

PN Code Generation & Masking

  PN Code Generation PN Code Generation PN codes are generated from prime polynomials using modulo 2 arithmetic. The state machines generating these codes are very simple and consist of...
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pn code cdma, pn, time, masking, codes, generationcdma, CHANNEL, epc, forward, frequency, generate, gsm, hlr, lte, orthogonal, pn, pn code, processing gain, traffic, vlr, vrf, walsh

How Walsh Code Generate in CDMA

• Definition: Orthogonal functions have zero correlation.  Two binary sequences are orthogonal if the process of “XORing” them results in an equal number of 1’s and 0’s. Example:   0000...
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orthogonal, sequence, codes, channelsapn, cdma, CHANNEL, forward, frequency, generate, orthogonal, pn, pn code, processing gain, traffic, vlr, walsh, walsh table cdma

Spread Spectrum Concept

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Spread Spectrum Conceptapn, BCCH, cdma, CHANNEL, epc, forward, frequency, generate, gsm, lte, orthogonal, pn, pn code, processing gain, traffic, vrf, walsh

CDMA Traffic Channel Definitions Effective Traffic,Actual Traffic and Physical Traffic

Traffic Channel Definitions In analog systems, the traffic channels (or voice channels) are synonymous with the physical transceiver hardware. The nature of CDMA technology implies that the effective traffic carrying...
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actual traffic channels, channels, traffic channels, soft handoff, channels required, primary traffic, erlangs generated effective trafficcdma, cdma rf planning, cdma traffic channel, rf optimization

How Many CODES in CDMA?

There Are Three Codes in CDMA PN Long Code,PN Short Code & Walsh Code. PN Long Code The Long Code is a PN sequence that is 242 – 1 bits...
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PN Long Code, PN short codes, walsh codes, cdma coding system, cdma code type, cdma code defination, coding in cdma, code work for cdma systemcdma, cdma code, cdma long code, pn, pn code, walsh code

List of Parameters and Terms for PN Offset Planning in CDMA

There are various parameters and terms which come into play when discussing PN offsets and their function in CDMA. System Time All base station digital transmissions are referenced to a...
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System Time ,Time Reference ,pilot pn ,Active Set ,Candidate Set ,Neighbor Set ,Remaining Set pilot arrival ,search window ,mobile station ,time reference ,pilot strength ,pilot offset ,neighbor search multipath componentcdma, cdma optimization, cdma pn planning, cdma search window size, handoff, parameter pn sequence cdma adalah, pilot pn, rf optimization, search window

What is the Result of Incorrect PN Planning in CDMA ?

The design of a PN offset plan for CDMA is comparable to that of a signalling channel frequency plan in analog. The consequences of poor offset planning include the following:...
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pn planning cdma, neighbour area cdma, nbr list cdma, signal, bs identificationcdma pilot, cdma planning, cdma pn, cdma search window size, pn offset, rf optimization, search window, search window in cdma, T_add

Interference Margin for CDMA

In determining RF coverage in CDMA systems, the effect of interference generated from the serving cell as well as the neighboring cells must be considered, this is in contrast to...
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Interference Margin for CDMA, interference margin, interference, rise, rf coverage, noise rise, cdma cell, Margin for CDMAcdma, cdma planning, interference, Interference Diversity, interference margin cdma vs lte

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