How Interleaving Improves Data Transmission Systems?

This graphically demonstrates why interleaving data improves error correction performance of data transmission systems. In the top Image, data is sequentially read out of a buffer than goes by rows....
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What is Correlation in CDMA ?

Correlation Is a Measure of How Well a Given Signal Matches a Desired Code, The Desired Code is Compared to the Given Signal at Various Test times. Correlation is key...
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How Frequency Diversity works in CDMA?

Frequency diversity is inherent in a spread spectrum system.  A fade of the entire signal is less likely than with narrow band systems. Combats Fading, Caused by Multipath Fading Acts...
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How Spatial Diversity works during Soft Handoff in CDMA ?

CDMA extends the idea of diversity reception with the concept of soft handoff.  In the slide, a mobile CDMA phone has established a call with base station one. As the...
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CDMA Variable Rate Speech Coder

CDMA takes advantage of quiet times during speech to raise capacity.  A variable rate vocoder is used; for the original vocoder the channel is a 9,600 bps when the user...
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Why Closed Loop Power Control in CDMA

Closed loop power control is used to allow the power from the mobile unit to deviate from the nominal as set by open loop control. This is done with a...
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Open Loop Power Control in CDMA

The Open Loop Power Control require in cdma due to following reason. Assumes Loss is Similar on Forward paths and Reverse Paths Receive Power + Transmit Power = -73 All...
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How Power Control in Reverse Link in CDMA ?

Power Control Required in Reverse link cdma due to following reason. Maximum System Capacity is Achieved if: All Mobiles are Power Controlled to the Minimum Power for Acceptable Signal Quality...
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EVDO reverse Link

Here I write about EVDO (HSD) reverse channel in short or summarize defination. The reverse link for 1xEV-DO has a structure similar to that for CDMA2000. In EV-DO all signalling...
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EV-DO forward link in short

The forward link possesses many features that are specific to EV-DO, having been optimised for data transmission, particularly in the downlink direction. Average continuous rates of 600 kbps per sector...
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Forward link EVDO channels in Detail

A number of channels are transmitted in the forward direction to enable signalling, data and other capabilities to be handled. These channels include the Traffic channel, MAC channel, Control channel...
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Mobile Power Bursting in CDMA

Each 20 millisecond frame in EIA/TIA-95-B CDMA is divided into sixteen “power control groups”. When the mobile transmits, each power control group contains 1536 data symbols (chips) at a rate...
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