How Physical Layer of Pilot,Sync and Paging channel in CDMA

Pilot Channel Physical Layer The Pilot channel is essentially the short codes operating on their assigned PN offset. This is accomplished by selecting Walsh code 0 which is 64 zeroes...
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Why Aren’t Walsh Codes Used for Reverse Channelization ?

There are two key reasons that Walsh codes are not used for the channelization in the reverse link: Mobile transmission are not time aligned and therefore cannot be orthogonal, and...
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How Long and Short Code Spreading in Reverse channel CDMA

Reverse Channel Long Code Spreading The channelization in the reverse link must provide for unique code assignments for every operational phone. Long Code Spreading  Provides Unique Mobile Channelization Mobiles are...
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QPSK Modulation for CDMA

If the modulation data changes, QPSK modulation makes one symbol change each period. If the data is the same, then QPSK and OQPSK do not change state. However, if the...
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Reverse Link Traffic Channel Physical Layer in CDMA

The CDMA reverse link uses a different coding scheme to transmit data. Unlike the forward link, the reverse link cannot support a pilot channel for synchronous demodulation (since each mobile...
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Forward – Reverse Link Advantages – Disadvantages CDMA

The forward link advantages include high transmission power, a pilot channel to provide a timing reference as well as a coherent reference to aid in demodulation, the added time diversity...
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List of CDMA Service Options

A number of different service options have been defined for use on the CDMA physical channel. A description of each of the service options follows: Service Option 001 – This...
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Sectorization Gain in CDMA

Sectorization gain can be somewhat of a misleading term. One could think of the  sectorization gain as more of a reduction factor. For an omni site, the sectorization gain is...
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Power Control Inaccuracy in CDMA

CDMA means all depedancy on power control here i write on Power Control Inaccuracy in cdma. Traffic capacity of CDMA systems is increased by implementing an appropriate power control scheme...
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Conventional Blocking Analysis for CDMA

Conventional Blocking formula and its Analysis for cdma. In AMPS and TDMA systems, voice/traffic channels are assigned to users as long as they are available. Given the required offered traffic,...
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Forward Channel Structure in CDMA

Here i write down on how Forward Channel works in CDMA ? and its Structure. The following figure shows an example of the code channels transmitted by a base station....
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Reverse Channel Structure in CDMA

The Reverse CDMA Channel is composed of Access Channels and Reverse Traffic Channels. These channels share the same CDMA frequency assignment. Each Traffic Channel is identified by a distinct user...
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