CDMA Protocol Stacks

The original release of the EIA/TIA-95-B standard defined the protocol messages and formats to be used in the CDMA system. This release is know as Revision 0 of the IS-95...
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CDMA Turn On Process

System Access:  When the mobile first turns on, it must find the best base station.  This is similar to analog where the phone scans all the control channels and selects...
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CDMA Soft Handoff Completion

If it is available, the second cell site returns the Walsh Code that will be assigned for the soft handoff. At this point, the original base station orders the soft...
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What is inside SYNC Channel Message in CDMA

The sync channel messages include the CDMA protocol revision supported by the cell site, the minimum protocol revision supported by a CDMA mobile in order to work with the cell...
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CDMA Soft Handoff Initiation

Once a call is established, the mobile is constantly searching for other possible cell sites that might be good candidate for soft handoffs. Most of the search time is limited...
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CDMA Call Completion

After each access attempt, the mobile listens to the Paging Channel for a response from the base station. If the base station detects the access probe from the mobile, it...
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How CDMA Call Initiation

The user then decides to make a call.  The number is keyed in and the send key is hit.  This initiates an Access Probe.  The mobile uses a special code...
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What is inside PAGING Channel Message in CDMA

The paging channel is the heart of a CDMA base station. All of the parameters and signaling necessary for the proper operation of a CDMA cell site are handled by...
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How Search Window works and tips to set it in BSC for cdma

Search Window in cdma is essential parameter to work cdma technology because based on search window as defined in system mobile needs to take important decision for available bts. Search...
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What is Pseudo-Noise Code and M-Sequence in CDMA

Here I write about Pseudo-Noise Code and what its use Pseudo-Noise Code its two type and Pseudo-Noise Short code is identification for each BTS and Pseudo-Noise Long Code is Identification...
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What is Polarization Mode for antenna

The polarization is a radiation feature for indicating the vector special direction of field strength of electromagnetic wave. If unspecified, the spatial direction of electric field vector usually serves as...
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CDMA Handoff Defination,Types and Capacity

Handoffs The TIA/EIA Interim Standard, Mobile Station – Base Station Compatibility Standard of Dual- Mode Wideband Spread Spectrum Cellular System (TIA/EIA/IS-95), states that a CDMA base station shall support three...
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