What is Speech Coding

The coding mode is called Regular Pulse Excited-Long Term Prediction (RPE-LTP). It works as follow: 8KHZ of sampling is performed first, then divided into frames with 20ms;
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How Diagonal Interleaving for Data in GSM

To Improve Error Protection and Security of Data the Data is Interleaved and its type is Diagonal let’s check how it works. The diagram below illustrates, in
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How Rectangular Interleaving for Control Channel in GSM

As All Channel Interleaving in GSM but control channel is some different interleaved its interleaving rectangular lets understand how it. The diagram below illustrates, in a simplified
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How Diagonal Interleaving for Speech in GSM

Interleaving in gsm used in gsm to reduce error and for speech diagonal types interleaving used here I write how speech in gsm interleaving diagonally. The diagram
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Definition and works of Interleaving in GSM

The Definition of Interleaving is simply encode logical channel for error protection and security.lets understand how interleaving works in gsm. Having encoded, or error protected the logical channel,
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How Radio Path Channel Encoding in GSM

To protect the logical channels from transmission errors introduced by the radio path, many different coding schemes are used. The diagram below illustrates the coding process for
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What is Burst in GSM and Burst Types in GSM

GSM Burst The Below diagram illustrates a GSM burst. It consists of several different elements. These elements are as below: Info This is the area in which
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How 26 and 51 Multiframes in GSM

GSM is very complicated when we talk about its rf side and in it very complicated to understand the structure of 26 and 51 Multiframes, here my
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Why and What Echo Canceller in GSM

What is Echo Canceller and why it require in GSM – as from name Echo canceller is nothing but the process to remove duplicate signal or delayed
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How Authentication Center (AUC) works in GSM

When we talk about Mobile Business then its worst useful without authentication means to make Network as business all user required to be authenticate lets understand how
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What is HLR and VLR and its function in GSM

As From the Name HLR means Home Location Register so it has all detail of subscriber and VLR means Visitor Location Register so it’s has temporary details.
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Why and How BSIC Planning in GSM

Why BSIC Planning in GSM ? Because when tight frequency planning required or we have very limited frequency to plan then to reduce Mobile confusion about cell id
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