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How Cell Selection in GSM

Once the mobile is switched on and the registered home PLMN was selected (e.x. SMART), it will next search for a BCCH frequency list, stored in its memory or in

How SIM works in GSM

SIM is used to provide storage on subscriber related information as following : IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity). Temporary network data like TMSI, LAI, Location update status. Subscriber Authentication Key

Work of MA, HSN and MAIO in GSM

Mobile Allocation The MA is a list of hopping frequencies transmitted to a mobile every time it is assigned to a hopping physical channel. The MA-list is a subset of

What is Cell Allocation in GSM

The Cell Allocation (CA) is a list of all the frequencies allocated to a cell. The CA is transmitted regularly on the BCCH. Usually it is also included in the

How many Frequency Hopping Modes in GSM

The requirement that the BCCH TRX must transmit continuously in all the time slots sets strict limitations on how the frequency hopping can be realized in a cell. The current

Slow and Fast Frequency Hopping in GSM

Frequency hopping can be briefly defined as a sequential change of carrier frequency on the radio link between the mobile and the base station. In GSM, one carrier frequency is

What is GSM Cell Reselection and How it works.

When mobile has been selected successfully the mobile now will start reselection tasks. Perform Cell reselection measurement first Mobile will continuously make measurements on its neighboring cells (as  indicated by

What is Simulator and how it works

The development of the simulator that will be implemented can be classified in two phases. The first phase is the development of a simulator, capable for the investigation of the

How Location Aided Handover

Location-Aided Handover (LAH) Algorithm is actually a set of algorithms, which aims to solve the current handover procedure problems. The set of algorithms include current handover algorithm, fuzzy handover, handover algorithm