ERP,EIRP,dB and dBm definition in RF Planning

ERP,EIRP,dB and dBm calculation are Most important thing to take care in RF Planning of any site. Isotropic RF Source A point source that radiates RF energy uniformly in all...
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Pri Selection Site or RF planning First point

Which step to make clear before select any site at any location like equipment type, construction and link balance calculation which describe detail as below. Select Equipment Type For Site...
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Step to Select any Site in RF Planning

Here I write about selection of new site in rf planning, how step by step any new site planned is as per below. Prepare Initial Search Ring Note the latitude...
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Effect of DTX in RX Quality distribution

DTX has some effect on the RXQual distribution. Normally the BER is averaged over the duration of one SACCH frame lasting 0.48 seconds and consisting of 104 TDMA frames. However,...
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Effect of Power Control and DTX in GSM

Both the power control and the DTX are standard GSM features, which are designed to minimize the interfering transmission when possible. They are both mandatory features in the mobile terminals,...
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Interference Diversity effect with Hopping and Without Hopping

In a conventional non-hopping network, each call is transmitted on a single fixed frequency. This means that the interference situation in a network is also quite stable. Some calls may...
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Hopping Effect in Cell Coverage area and on Mobile Speed

Effect in Cell Coverage Area In coverage limited cells the frequency hopping may increase the cell coverage area because of the frequency diversity gain, but since the BCCH time slot...
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coverage area, diversity gain, frequency diversity, hopping, gain, coverage, performance, mobilesBCCH, gsm, gsm rf planning, mobile speed, power control, sdcch

How Different Frequency Diversity gains with Cyclic and Random Hopping

Cyclic vs. Random Hopping Sequences Both cyclic and random hopping modes are available in GSM. In the cyclic mode the frequencies are changed sequentially from the lowest frequency to the...
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Effect of Interleaving and Frequency Diversity in GSM

Effect of Interleaving In GSM the speech frame is transmitted over eight consecutive bursts. The fast fading causes bursty bit errors that degrade the efficiency of the convolutional coding. The...
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Losses by Duplexer, Body And Penetration

In GSM System Losses is different type here i write about Losses by Duplexer, Body And Penetration Duplexer Loss A duplexer enables simultaneous transmission and reception of signals on the...
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Value of Cable, Connector and Combiner Loss

When talk about Practical RF Planning then its also needs to take care about losses and physical losses like Cable,Connector and Combiner at BTS is more important. Cable Loss Two...
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Effect of Antenna Gain and Diversity Gain in GSM RF

Gain is most important thing in wireless communication and if its passive then it will be very useful here I write about antenna gain and diversity gain definition and its...
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antenna gain, directional antennas, diversity antenna, diversity, antenna, gaingsm, gsm antenna gain, gsm planning, uplink

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