GSM technology, GSM RF optimization, GSM Planning and How GSM Works.

Why link budget analysis in GSM

When we talk about GSM Rf planning then first thing into mind is Link Budget,here i write about why link Budget analysis in GSM Link budget analysis provides: Coverage design

Frequency Planning Steps for GSM

Frequency Planning is possible by manually or automatic.At initial stage of new RF Network automatic frequency planned and then after for optimization based on KPI manual frequency planing done. Manual

How and What Spatial Diversity Antenna Systems in GSM

The spatial diversity antenna system is constructed by physically separating two receiving base station antennas. Here I write on spatial diversity antenna system criteria, configuration. SPATIAL DIVERSITY ANTENNA SYSTEMS Once

Why Diversity Antenna Systems Required

Basically Diversity Antenna required because of Signal Rich at mobile or BTS by reflection and this change value of its level and quality either good or bed. Let’s understand in

Antenna Types and Antenna Characteristics

In mobile communications two main categories of antennas used are Omni and Directional antenna here I write about antenna characteristics and use. ANTENNA TYPES Omni directional antenna These antennas are

Cable Integrity and Cable Loss Test in GSM

Cable test is first understanding for any RF Engineer here i write how to test cable integrity and Cable loss and testing of Transmitter in gsm. Cable Integrity Test Cable

What and Why Drive Test in RF Network

INTRODUCTION   Predesign drive test for measurement integration This is at beginning of design when no site has been built or even selected. All test sites are temporary. Drive test

Receiver sensitivity and Uplink Losses for GSM

Receiver sensitivity is the ability of the receiver to receive signals in the sense that any signal below the sensitivity is considered as noise and is not usable. Receiver sensitivity