Which OFDM Parameters Used in WiMAX

The  fixed and mobile versions of WiMAX have slightly different implementations of the OFDM physical layer. Fixed WiMAX, which is based on IEEE 802.16-2004, uses a 256 FFT-based OFDM physical...
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Salient Future for Mobile WiMAX

WiMAX is a wireless broadband solution that offers a rich set of features with a lot of flexibility in terms of deployment options and potential service offerings. Some of the...
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Advance Future for Mobile WiMAX

Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA): Mobile WiMAX uses OFDM as a multiple-access technique, whereby different users can be allocated different subsets of the OFDM tones. As discussed in detail...
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Why Limited Frequency Resource in Wimax

The challenge to broadband wireless comes from the scarcity of radio-spectrum resources. Regulatory bodies around the world have allocated only a limited amount of spectrum for commercial use. The need...
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Wimax Business requirement by Point-To-Point or Point-to-Multipoint

Applications using a fixed wireless solution can be classified as point-to-point or point-to-multipoint. Point-to-point applications include interbuilding connectivity within a campus and microwave backhaul. Point-to-multipoint applications include broadband for residential,...
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Spatial multiplexing and Receive Diversity in Wimax

Spatial multiplexing WiMAX also supports spatial multiplexing, where multiple independent streams are transmitted across multiple antennas. If the receiver also has multiple antennas, the streams can be separated out using...
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Advanced Antenna Systems,Transmit diversity and Beamforming in Wimax

Advanced Antenna Systems The WiMAX standard provides extensive support for implementing advanced  multiantenna solutions to improve system performance. Significant gains in overall system capacity and spectral efficiency can be achieved...
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How Frame Structure in Wimax ?

The physical frame includes the downlink sub-frame, uplink sub-frame, TTG, and RTG. The physical frame length and the respective duration of downlink sub-frame and uplink sub-frame are broadcast by the...
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Which Types of Antennas Used in WIMAX ?

WiMAX antennas, just like the antennas for car radio, cell phone, FM radio, or TV, are designed to optimize performance for a given application. The figure above illustrates the three...
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Authentication and Access Control in Wimax

Access control is the security mechanism to ensure that only valid users are allowed access to the network. In the most general terms, an access control system has three elements:...
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QoS Mechanisms in Packet Networks

There are Three Types of QoS Mechanisms in Packet Networks. Control Plane Mechanisms Data Plane Mechanisms Its Tradeoffs Control Plane Mechanisms Such mechanisms include QoS policy management, signaling, and admission...
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