Free Space Model for LTE

Free space indicates an ideal, even, and isotropic medium of space. When electromagnetic waves are transmitted in this medium, no reflection, refraction, scattering, or absorption occurs. Propagation losses are caused

Important OFDM characters for Wimax

Here I list out some important OFDM characters for Wimax. Let’s check it in detail. OFDM Pros and Cons: OFDM enjoys several advantages over other solutions for high-speed transmission. Reduced

Which OFDM Parameters Used in WiMAX

The  fixed and mobile versions of WiMAX have slightly different implementations of the OFDM physical layer. Fixed WiMAX, which is based on IEEE 802.16-2004, uses a 256 FFT-based OFDM physical

Definition of LTE Interference Margin

Here I write Interference Margin in simple word and basic definition of interference margin in LTE. Let understands it. Interference margin accounts for the increase in the terminal noise level

List of LTE Equipment Related Parameters

Equipment related parameters include the base station, antenna, and terminal. The link budget parameters vary with the base stations, antennas, and terminals of different vendors. These parameters affect the link

Inter Modulation Interference for LTE

When multiple strong signals with different frequencies enter a receiver at the same time, the inter modulation product at the receiver is generated by the signals by the front end