How TTI Bundling for LTE link Budget

Here I just review how TTI Bundling for LTE link budget first lets see what link budget feature overview. Features Overview Below is a quick summary of specific features and...
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Salient Future for Mobile WiMAX

WiMAX is a wireless broadband solution that offers a rich set of features with a lot of flexibility in terms of deployment options and potential service offerings. Some of the...
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Spurious Interference and Blocking Interference for LTE

Spurious interference Spurious interference refers to the additive interference generated by the interference source in the working frequency band of the interfered receiver. Spurious interference includes the out of band...
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Reference Signal Power Boosting Gain for LTE

Power boosting in LTE is mainly perform on the Reference signal. However, since the radio power is shared equally by all Resources element, the power allocation for each RE is...
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What Interference Rejection Combining in LTE

The concept of Interference Rejection Combining (IRC) is to regenerate the transmitted signal based on the estimated data from the previous receptions, emulate the distortion occurring from the multi-path channels...
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Theoretical Analysis of Interference under Site Sharing

Here I write about a simulation analysis of the system performance deterioration caused by the following four types of interference: eNodeB->UE, UE->eNodeB, eNodeB->eNodeB, and UE->UE when two systems share the...
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Interference between Different Carriers and within same carrier in LTE

Absence of synchronization is one of the main sources of interference between TDD based systems belonging to different carriers. The figure below provides a quick view of what will happen...
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Guard Band Requirement in LTE

Here I write on simple how guard band requirement for LTE for 2 option. Guard band requirement LTE verses GSM and guard band requirement LTE FDD verse LTE TDD Guard...
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Adjacent Channel Interference Ratio for LTE

It is difficult to separate Adjacent Channel Leakage power Ratio and Adjacent channel selectivity because they coexist. therefore, Adjacent Channel Leakage power Ratio and Adjacent channel selectivity are usually considered...
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Adjacent channel selectivity and Adjacent Channel Leakage power Ratio for LTE

Adjacent channel selectivity Adjacent channel selectivity (ACS) is a protection index to determine the capability of a receive filter. Adjacent channel selectivity refers to the capability to receive the power...
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Why Operators require Spectrum Reframing in LTE

Here I write down one basic idea of Spectrum reframing in LTE and why operators require spectrum reframing for LTE. Operators worldwide are looking forward to new LTE technologies deployment...
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Analysis of Background Noise in LTE RF

Assume that the eNodeB receiver’s IF bandwidth is Bw (unit: MHz), and the eNodeB receive noise figure is Nf (unit: dB), The equivalent noise level of the eNodeB receiver is...
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