What is Antenna Pattern?

Here I write about antenna pattern, Front-to-rear Ratio and Upper Side Lobe Suppression in antenna. Antenna Pattern The pattern is the electromagnetic field of antenna radiation distributed by coordinate along...
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All about Antennas. What is, How Works, How Many Types.

Here I write about antenna which include what is antenna, How it works, Antenna classification, Specifications of antenna, Working Band and what is antenna gain other than this about antenna...
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What Important of Operator Spectrum Bandwidth and Frequency band for LTE Planning

Here I write LTE network first step. For LTE planning it is important to know what available spectrum bandwidth to operator is and what actual frequency band allocation. Understanding Operator...
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How and Which KPI to Check before and after LTE Launch

Operator always needs to check LTE performance before commercial launch and after commercial launch and here I write how and which KPI to check.As This is general guide so it...
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LTE KPI Measurement Methodology and Acceptance Procedure

Here I write in simple word on LTE KPI Measurement Methodology and its Acceptance Procedure. As it’s for only at network start up stage and now a day worldwide so...
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S1 and X2 Bandwidth Dimensioning Procedure

The figure below denotes the location of the X2 and S1 link with respect to the other network components within the LTE network. In general, the traffic on S1 interface...
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Why to select UE Distribution, Channel Model and TDD Specific Configuration properly during LTE Planning

Here I write down about How to UE Distribution and Channel Model : Pedestrian vs High Mobility, TDD Specific Uplink and Downlink Configuration and Power Boosting Configuration selection during initial...
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Why its require to know about MIMO and Beam Forming Implementation in LTE Planning

Here I write another two step in LTE planning and why its require to know. Starting from MIMO and Beam Forming Implementation and Understanding of Current Transmission Backhaul Network Capability...
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How to consider Interference Protection and Isolation Requirement in LTE Plan

Similar to any radio network, standard isolation would be required if equipment from different vendors are to be combined. Which including guard band, filtering as well as vertical/horizontal separation. In...
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Base Station Antenna and Other Co-sitting Equipment Selection for LTE Network Plan

Here I write about selection of Base station antenna in LTE plan and other co-sitting equipment selection in LTE which will need to take care by Radio planning engineer during...
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Considerations of Call Model and Smartphone Penetration Growth for LTE Network Plan

Here I write about some small topic for LTE network plan which including Call Model and Smartphone Penetration Growth Considerations, Scheduler Selection, Indoor Coverage Requirement and Cell Edge Throughput Requirement....
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Why to evaluate operator existing Network condition for InterRAT in LTE planning

Radio planning engineers need to understand the existing operator’s network configuration as well as its footprint. This is particularly important before designing any network that requires commitment on KPIs later....
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network design, coverage, network, interrat, clutter, resolution, operator, informationamc lte, Authentication, barred cell lte, bearer in lte, benefit, ca in gsm, enodeb

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