List of Uplink and Downlink Physical Channel of WCDMA

Downlink Physical Channel of WCDMA Downlink Dedicated Physical Channel: Downlink DPCH Downlink Common Physical Channel: Common Control Physical Channel (CCPCH) Synchronization Channel ( SCH) Paging Indicator Channel (PICH) Acquisition Indicator...
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Basic Work of WCDMA Physical Channel

A physical channel is defined by a specific carrier frequency, code (scrambling code, spreading code) and relative phase. In UMTS system, the different code (scrambling code or spreading code) can distinguish the...
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Terminal Transmitting and Receiving Process in Wimax

Transmitting:  The process is similar to that of BS. The frequency offset is pre-corrected. The Ranging and BW Request are generated at the physical layer and a code is selected...
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BS Transmitting and Receiving Process in Wimax.

Transmitting:  After being processed at the MAC layer, the downlink data is sent to the physical layer inthe format of MAC PDU. The MAC PDU arranges the data block size...
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What is NAP & NSP in Wimax ? How it Works ?

NAP: Network Access Provider NSP: Network Service Provider V-NSP: Visited NSP H-NSP: Home NSP NAP provides the operation entities of network facilities required by the WiMAX wireless access for one...
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What is Function of CSN in Wimax?

CSN – Core Service Network. Definition It is a combination of a set of network functions and provides IPconnections for the WiMAX subscribers. The CSN consists of the router,AAA agent...
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What is Functions of the ASN in Wimax ?

ASN – Access Service Network. Establish layer 2 connections between the BS and the MS.  Transmit AAA messages to the home NSP of the MS.  Assist the high level to...
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Nokia Going to Cut 10000 Jobs.

Nokia has announced another huge shake-up of the company, with the loss of 10,000 jobs by the end of next year. While planning to significantly reduce its operating expenses, Nokia...
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How Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec (AMR) work in GSM ?

Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) codec consists of a family of codecs (source andchannel codecs with different trade-off bit-rates) operating in the GSM FRand HR channels modes The AMR system exploits the...
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Dedicated Control Channel (DCCH) in GSM

SDCCH (Stand-alone Dedicated Control Channel) Uplink and Downlink. Used for call setup, authentication, ciphering location update and SMS. SACCH (Slow Associated Control Channel) Downlink and Uplink. Used to transfer signal...
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How Many Broadcast Channels & what’s it work in GSM ?

BCCH(Broadcast Control Channels) Downlink Only. Broadcast information of the serving cell (System Information). Transmitted on timeslot zero of BCCH carrier. Read only by idle mobile at least once every 30...
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Basic Work of MSC (Mobile Switching Centre)

Exchange where calls are established, maintained and released Database for all subscribers and their associated features. Communicates with the BSCs on the A interface and with PSTN on fixed line....
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