Basic RF Propagation Models for LTE

An RF propagation model is a mathematical formula used to characterize the radio is Wave transmitter at one end and the other end into the receiver propagation between It is

What is Side and Back Lobes in LTE antenna

Side and back lobes are regions in a template where the “directions” the antenna may be of benefit, except for the maximum rate. System engineer Note these characteristics with downtilting

What is CPE Antenna Variations in LTE

A couple of differences may exist between the CPE and device specifications  the alleged targets. The differences are mainly due to two factors not normally thought of in the design

What is Smart Antennas in LTE

At the beginning of wireless networks (e.g. GSM, AMPS) were mainly base station antennas Omni or directional. Using these Fixed antenna scheme, power radiated from antenna covers a larger area

What is Methods to Reduce Co-channel Interference in LTE

Management of external interference from all other sites/sectors improves system performance and capacity. Intervention studies are used to examine areas that have significant peripheral interaction problems. Lighting and intervention studies

How to Control Inter-System Interference in LTE

The Various steps to control inter-system interference include: 1. external Filters, add the transmitters and receivers 2. Antenna isolation between transmitters and receivers of victims 3. the distance between transmitters