How to Define on the Basis of Pilot Power Microcell or Repeater

In particular, for application indoors, it is often desirable to predict the service area of ​​a repeater or microelement based power CPICH. In the repeater installation and commissioning, CPICH power...
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Indoor Link Budget for 3G

The table shows representative Link Downlink budget for 3G. Fluctuations in the signal can be represented by a scale and small effects such models are typically used for external circulation....
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Active Distributed Antenna Systems inside 3G

A DAS contains the same active components present in a DAS passive, with the addition of active devices such as amplifiers, repeaters or amplifiers bidirectional (BDAS) to amplify and /...
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Passive Distributed Antenna Systems in 3G

Various internal antenna solution can meet the different needs of the deployment. DAS solution distributes a plurality of antenna nodes throughout the coverage area. Each antenna assembly can transmit and...
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Types of Handover in LTE

The Handover is the process of transferring an ongoing call or data session fromone cell connected to the core network to another  It is transparent for the end user  It...
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CDMA Handoff Defination,Types and Capacity

Handoffs The TIA/EIA Interim Standard, Mobile Station – Base Station Compatibility Standard of Dual- Mode Wideband Spread Spectrum Cellular System (TIA/EIA/IS-95), states that a CDMA base station shall support three...
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Spatial multiplexing and Receive Diversity in Wimax

Spatial multiplexing WiMAX also supports spatial multiplexing, where multiple independent streams are transmitted across multiple antennas. If the receiver also has multiple antennas, the streams can be separated out using...
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Advanced Antenna Systems,Transmit diversity and Beamforming in Wimax

Advanced Antenna Systems The WiMAX standard provides extensive support for implementing advanced  multiantenna solutions to improve system performance. Significant gains in overall system capacity and spectral efficiency can be achieved...
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Google Going to Set Up its Own Mobile Network

Google is reported to have held preliminary discussions that could lead to it setting up its own wireless network in the USA, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal....
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Uplink data transmission in LTE

The mapping of transport channels and UL control information (UCI) to physical channels is a task of the physical layer (PHY). Furthermore reference signals are provided by the physical layer...
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