Eircom Going to Cut 2,000 Jobs in Ireland

The former state telecoms operator filed for protection from its creditors in March to restructure 3.75 billion euros (3 billion pounds) of debt and was taken over by its senior...
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What’s New or Different in iPAD Mini

Feature for feature, the iPad mini mainly bests its rivals in the 7-inch tablet market, but it does so at a price that’s 65 percent higher than those competitors. The...
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T-Mobile USA Ordered to Pay Compensation to Former Employee

SEATTLE—T-Mobile USA Inc. and its parent company, Deutsche Telecom A.G., have been ordered by the U.S. Department of Labor to pay $345,972 to a worker allegedly fired for being a...
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Apple and Samsung Get Sales Bans in South Korea

Two Major Mobile Product Company ban on sales by A South Korean court after it ruled that each company had infringed each other’s patents. The Seoul Central Court has imposed a...
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Apple Confirms Announcement for iPhone 5 Next Week

In the past few weeks, pretty convincing photos of the rumored iPhone 5 have flooded the Internets, which is surprising since Apple used to be able to keep a tight...
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T-Mobile USA Deal with Crown Castle about $2.4 Billion Towers

T-Mobile USA has signed a US$2.4 billion deal with Crown Castle that lets the towers operator have sole rights to use and lease out 6,400 of T-Mobile’s towers for the...
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A Blind can use Touch Screen Smart phone

Designed by blind spouses Roger and Margaret Wilson-Hinds, Georgie is a comprehensive smartphone app using a combination of voice recognition software, haptic capability and customized controls. The simple, tailored app...
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