Processing Procedure of WCDMA System

Source coding can increase the transmitting efficiency. Channel coding can make the transmission more reliable. Spreading can increase the capability of overcoming interference. Through the modulation, the signals will transfer...
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Processing Procedure of WCDMA Systemcdma, CHANNEL, chip, coding, interleaving, modulation, signal, spreading, telecom

WCDMA Source Coding

AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate) Speech A integrated speech codec with 8 source rates The AMR bit rates can be controlled by the RAN depending on the system load and quality of...
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WCDMA Source Codingamr, cdma, code, cs, data, domain, gsm, multiplexing, protocol, ps, ran, speech, telecom, WCDMA / 3G

WCDMA Block Coding – CRC

Block coding is used to detect if there are any uncorrected errors left after error correction. The cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is a common method of block coding. Adding the...
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WCDMA Block Coding - CRCblock, cdma, coding, crc, decoding, fading, interference, interleaving, power control, telecom, transmission, WCDMA / 3G

Transmit Diversity mode in UMTS

In This article you found Application of Tx diversity modes on UMTS downlink physical channel or in other word transmit diversity mode in UMTS. Transmitter-antenna diversity can be used to...
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Transmit Diversity mode in UMTS, UMTS nodeB, UMTS UE, UMTS Transmit, UMTS open loop, UMTS Closed loop, umts, umts basiclte antenna, panel antenna, umts channel coding, umts downlink frame structure, wcdma link budget

System information & DL-SCH data in LTE

System information 1920 bits or 1728 bits are to be transmitted for normal or extended CP resp.. The PBCH is transmitted every 40 ms. The bit scrambling depends on the...
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cell, lte, number of symbols used for phich, ofdma, PBCH, pbch mapping, sch lte, symbol, telecom

How Time structure in LTE?

EUTRAN OFDM symbols have a basic duration of 66.667 ?s. This means up to 2048 complex samples per OFDM symbol in time domain representation. A cyclic prefix is pretended to...
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cell, eutran, lte, lte mbms, prefix in lte, telecom, time slot of lte, Time structure in LTE

Synchronization of signals in LTE

504 different physical-layer cell ids are composed of 168 different physical-layer cell id groups each of 3 physical layer ids within the group There are - primary synchronization signal –...
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cell, harq, lte, telecom, UL and DL control, UL-SCH

How Reference signals Map in LTE?

For channel estimation different types of reference signals are in use: - Cell specific reference signals. - MBSFN reference signals. - UE specific reference signals CELL-SPECIFIC REFERENCE SIGNALS These signals...
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4 cell specific reference signal, cell, lte, lte reference signal, lte reference signal frequency shift, MBSFN, mbsfn reference signal mapping, Reference signals, subcarrier, subframe, telecom

Downlink Power control in LTE

The eNodeB determines the downlink transmit energy per resource element (lte epre). Downlink cell-specific reference-signal (RS) lte epre is constant across the downlink system bandwidth and constant across all subframes until...
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Downlink Power control in LTE, eNodeB, antenna ports, reference signal, user mimo, downlinkcell, cell structure, downlink power control in lte, enodeb, lte, lte dl power control, lte downlink power control, pa lte enodeb rs, power control, power control in LTE, power control lte donwlink, rs epre, telecom

Work of Downlink Dedicated Physical Channel for 3G

The uplink DPDCH and DPCCH are I/Q code multiplexed. But the downlink DPDCH and DPCCH is time multiplexed. This is main difference. Basically, there are two types of downlink DPCH....
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Downlink Dedicated Physical Channel for 3G, dpdch, uplink, downlink, multiplexed, physical channel 3g, 3g physical, 3g channelBCH Channel, downlink data, downlink power control in lte, lte downlink channel mapping, meaning of downlink channelization codes, power control qpsk lte downlink, tdd downlink

Why Power Control Essential in CDMA ?

Power control is essential for the smooth operation of a cdma system. Because all users share the same rf band through the use of pn codes Each user looks like random...
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measures data errors, power, control, cdma system, base station, power control, overcome, increase, measures data, data errorscdma channel frequency calculator, downlink power control in lte, lte power control, power control, power control in cdma, power control in LTE, uplink Power Control LTE

X2 interface Function in LTE – A Connection between Two eNodeBs

The X2 interface is the interface between the eNodeBs. X2 interface protocol stack is described in Figure. X2 Interface performs the following functions: X2-UP (User Plane) X2-CP (Control Plane) LTE...
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X2 interface Function in LTE, A Connection between Two eNodeBs, traffic load, X2 User Plane, X2 Control Plane, transport network, transport layer, two eNodeBs Connection Interface, plane pdus, load management, data forwardingc plane, data control path, downlink power control in lte, lte enable closed loop uplink power control, lte integrity nas plane message, power control in LTE, u plane, UL and DL control

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