Fully packet-oriented mobile broadband network providing: - Peak data rates of 100 Mbps (DL) and 50 Mbps (UL) - Very low latency - Seamless and lossless handover - Sophisticated QoS...
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3gpp interworking, 3gpp2, benefit epc, cdma, cell, epc, harq, lte, mimo, ofdm, telecom, wlan

3GPP Services Classification and EUTRAN Capacity Limiting Factors

Here I write on 3GPP Services Classification and EUTRAN Capacity Limiting Factors for LTE. 3GPP Services Classification Being a data centric technology, LTE has well defined classifications for Quality of...
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capacity limiting, services classification, packet delay, traffic, capacity, services, factors, eutran3gpp, 3gpp interworking, 3gpp2, eutran, EUTRAN radio, RRC states for EUTRAN, rsrp, uplink

Indoor deployment and optimization of the system after deployment

After completion of the design, installation takes place. For aesthetic reasons, the components of a closed system is often deliberately hidden. As a result, after installation, it is difficult to...
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transmit power, power control, uplink interference, power, uplink, interference, installation, transmission, equipment, components, modulation, antenna3g, 3g lte, 3gpp, 3gpp interworking, 3gpp2, uplink, WCDMA / 3G

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