Access Control

How Non Access Stratum procedures works in LTE

The procedures for the Non Access Stratum, especially power management procedures are substantially similar to UMTS. Main change is that the UMTS EPS allows concatenation certain procedures to allow faster...
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IP Multicast Service Models – Dense and Sparse Modes

IP Multicast Service Models Having Three Multicast Any-Source Multicast (ASM) Source-Filtered Multicast (SFM) and Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) which work as below. Any-Source Multicast (ASM) Destination ‘multicast’ address only defines ‘Group’...
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LTE – eNodeB, MME and SAE Function in Short

Here I write in short about eNodeB functions, Mobile Management Entity (MME) functions and System Architecture Evolution (SAE) functions. LTE – eNodeB functions The eNodeB performs the following functions in...
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What is High-Speed Shared Control Channel HS-SCCH and its work in 3G WCDMA

Carries physical layer signaling to a single UE, such as modulation scheme (1 bit), channelization code set (7 bit), transport block size (6bit), HARQ process number (3bit), redundancy version (3bit),...
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S1 and X2 Bandwidth Dimensioning Procedure

The figure below denotes the location of the X2 and S1 link with respect to the other network components within the LTE network. In general, the traffic on S1 interface...
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Authentication and Access Control in Wimax

Access control is the security mechanism to ensure that only valid users are allowed access to the network. In the most general terms, an access control system has three elements:...
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Access Control, Authentication, telecom, wimax access

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