Spreading Technology in WCDMA

Spreading consists of 2 steps: Channelization operation, which transforms data symbols into chips Scrambling operation is applied to the spreading signal Spreading means increasing the bandwidth of the signal beyond...
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OFDMA Parameter for LTE

How Many OFDMA Parameter for LTE? Which is OFDMA Parameter for LTE ? The width of a Sub-carrier is 15 kHz whatever the bandwidth The bandwidths are: 1.4, 3, 5,...
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OFDMA Transmitter in LTE

How OFDMA Transmitter in LTE ? In the downlink, OFDM is selected to efficiently meet E-UTRA performance requirements. With OFDM,  it is straightforward to exploit frequency selectivity of the multi-path...
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OFDMA Transmitter, ofdma, ofdmbandwidth, cell, e-utra, fdma, frequency, lte, ofdm, ofdm in lte, ofdma, telecom

UL Allocation (SC-FDMA) in LTE

SC-FDMA utilizes single carrier modulation, DFT-spread orthogonal frequency multiplexing, and frequency domain equalization. LTE uses OFDMA on the DL. It allocates DL bandwidth to the user based on resource blocks,...
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ofdma, subcarriers, transmitted, symbol, spreadamplifier, amplitude, bandwidth, cell, dl, enodeb, fdma, ofdma, orthogonal, resource block, subcarrier

3G LTE Requirements

Spectrum efficiency  DL : 3-4 times UL : 2-3 times Frequency Spectrum Scalable bandwidth : 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20MHz To cover all frequencies of IMT-2000: 450 MHz to...
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3G LTE Requirementsbandwidth, c plane, efficiency, imt 2000, latency, lte, peak data rate, spectrum, uplink

What are IP Multimedia Subsystem IMS and IMS Structure

IMS means IP Multimedia Subsystem is an essential part of the all-IP UMTS architecture and Relevant for WiMAX for the same usage and also for WiMAX to UMTS Interworking. This...
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IP Multimedia Subsystem, IMS and IMS Structure, WiMAX to UMTS Interworking, multimedia, umts, wimax, session control, subsystem3g antenna, antenna, antenna separation for gsm to wcdma, bandwidth, beamforming antennas, gsm antenna, multi antenna in lte

Advance Future for Mobile WiMAX

Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA): Mobile WiMAX uses OFDM as a multiple-access technique, whereby different users can be allocated different subsets of the OFDM tones. As discussed in detail...
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What Important of Operator Spectrum Bandwidth and Frequency band for LTE Planning

Here I write LTE network first step. For LTE planning it is important to know what available spectrum bandwidth to operator is and what actual frequency band allocation. Understanding Operator...
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S1 and X2 Bandwidth Dimensioning Procedure

The figure below denotes the location of the X2 and S1 link with respect to the other network components within the LTE network. In general, the traffic on S1 interface...
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throughput, enodebs, network, dimensioning, interface, handover, bandwidth, tunneling, signaling"modulation and tbs index table" "lte", 4 cell specific reference signal, 4g modulation techniques qam 64qam, A QoS policy-management system, aaa, Access Control, bandwidth, harq, x2 dimensioning

Pulse shaping and spectrum in LTE

RF engineering is a trade off between: required radio spectrum (bandwidth), speed of data transmission (bit rates) and complexity of implementation. The pulse form used to modulate complex data symbols...
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Difference Between OFDM and FDM in LTE

Conventional multi-carrier operation as it is used for FDM works simply by selecting a number of center frequencies – one for each carrier to be used. The center frequencies must...
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aci, bandwidth, carrier, difference between conventional fdm and ofdm, difference between ofdm and fdm ppt, fdm, frequency, lte, ofdma, shaping filter, subcarrier, symbol, telecom

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