Fully packet-oriented mobile broadband network providing: - Peak data rates of 100 Mbps (DL) and 50 Mbps (UL) - Very low latency - Seamless and lossless handover - Sophisticated QoS...
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What is 3G? or WCDMA?

3G is new upgraded cdma technology, in simple word its Wide band Code Devision Multiple Access Technology (WCDMA). This is first technology in which video call possible means voice and...
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How Wireless Narrowband Local-Loop Systems in Wimax ?

Naturally, the first application for which a wireless alternative was developed and deployed was voice telephony. These systems, called wireless local-loop (WLL), were quite successful in developing countries such as...
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What is the 3GPP?

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is a collaboration between groups of telecommunication associations, to make a globally applicable third generation 3G mobile phone system specification within the scope of...
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Huawei Completes First EHRPD Optimized Handoff Test

Huawei today announced the successful completion of a commercial test for LTE to CDMA evolved, High-Rate Packet Data (eHRPD) optimized handoff. eHRPD means the evolution and improvement of the original...
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What is inside SIM Card (Subscriber Identity Module) ?

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) The SIM as mentioned previously is a “smart card” which plugs into the ME and contains information about the MS subscriber hence the name Subscriber Identity...
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How To Set Pilot Search Window Sizes in CDMA ?

When the handset first powers up, it does an exhaustive search for the best pilot. No windows are used in this process. On the paging channel, the handset learns the...
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Advantages of CDMA Handoff

It is “soft”, meaning that communication is not interrupted by the handoff. This is sometimes called “make before break.” This means fewer dropped calls for users and higher customer satisfaction...
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Handoff Candidate Classification in CDMA

The mobile station continuously searches for Pilots to detect the presence of other CDMA signals that have the same carrier frequency and measures the strength (received Ec/Nt) of the pilots. ...
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How QPSK & BPSK Modulation in WCDMA?

A data-modulation scheme defines how the data bits are mixed with the carrier signal, which is always a sine wave. There are three basic ways to modulate a carrier signal...
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Location Area Identity (LAI) and Global Cell Identity (GCI) in CDMA

Location Area Identity (LAI)  PAGING message is broadcast within a local area, the size of which depends on traffic, paging bearer capability, signaling flow , etc. Format:  MCC+MNC+LAC  MCC:  Mobile...
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How to Reverse Access Channel Work in CDMA?

Reverse Access Channel used by MS Initiate Communication or Respond to Paging Channel. A reverse channel is first spread with WALSH to 307.2Kbps and then becomes 1.2288Mcps after long code...
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