CDMA Soft Handoff Initiation

Once a call is established, the mobile is constantly searching for other possible cell sites that might be good candidate for soft handoffs. Most of the search time is limited...
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CDMA Call Completion

After each access attempt, the mobile listens to the Paging Channel for a response from the base station. If the base station detects the access probe from the mobile, it...
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How CDMA Call Initiation

The user then decides to make a call.  The number is keyed in and the send key is hit.  This initiates an Access Probe.  The mobile uses a special code...
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What is inside PAGING Channel Message in CDMA

The paging channel is the heart of a CDMA base station. All of the parameters and signaling necessary for the proper operation of a CDMA cell site are handled by...
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What is Pseudo-Noise Code and M-Sequence in CDMA

Here I write about Pseudo-Noise Code and what its use Pseudo-Noise Code its two type and Pseudo-Noise Short code is identification for each BTS and Pseudo-Noise Long Code is Identification...
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Google Quarterly Revenues jumped by nearly a third to US$14 billion

Google has reported that its first-quarter revenues jumped by nearly a third to US$14 billion, while profits rose to US$3.35 billion, compared to US$2.89 billion a year ago. Google said...
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Types of Handover in LTE

The Handover is the process of transferring an ongoing call or data session fromone cell connected to the core network to another  It is transparent for the end user  It...
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CDMA Handoff Defination,Types and Capacity

Handoffs The TIA/EIA Interim Standard, Mobile Station – Base Station Compatibility Standard of Dual- Mode Wideband Spread Spectrum Cellular System (TIA/EIA/IS-95), states that a CDMA base station shall support three...
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How Modulation-QPSK in CDMA ?

     In an actual application, the system implements the modulation in this way:  as shown above, I and Q channel sequences in the figure represent two channels of cyclic PN...
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Radio Protocol Architecture in LTE

The EUTRAN radio protocol model specifies the protocols terminated between UE and eNB. The protocol stack follows the standard guidelines for radio protocol architectures (ITU-R M1035) and is thus quite...
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Pulse shaping and spectrum in LTE

RF engineering is a trade off between: required radio spectrum (bandwidth), speed of data transmission (bit rates) and complexity of implementation. The pulse form used to modulate complex data symbols...
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