Processing Procedure of WCDMA System

Source coding can increase the transmitting efficiency. Channel coding can make the transmission more reliable. Spreading can increase the capability of overcoming interference. Through the modulation, the signals will transfer...
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Processing Procedure of WCDMA Systemcdma, CHANNEL, chip, coding, interleaving, modulation, signal, spreading, telecom

WCDMA Source Coding

AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate) Speech A integrated speech codec with 8 source rates The AMR bit rates can be controlled by the RAN depending on the system load and quality of...
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WCDMA Source Codingamr, cdma, code, cs, data, domain, gsm, multiplexing, protocol, ps, ran, speech, telecom, WCDMA / 3G

WCDMA Block Coding – CRC

Block coding is used to detect if there are any uncorrected errors left after error correction. The cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is a common method of block coding. Adding the...
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WCDMA Block Coding - CRCblock, cdma, coding, crc, decoding, fading, interference, interleaving, power control, telecom, transmission, WCDMA / 3G

What is RAKE RECEIVER and its Purpose in CDMA

Rake Receiver Instead of trying to overpower or correct multipath problems, CDMA takes advantage of the multipath to improve reception quality in fading conditions. CDMA does this by using multiple...
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direct signals in rake receiver, base station, rake receiver, transmitted signal, reduced data, using multiple, overpower, searcher, synchronized, strongest signals, strong correlation, special circuitscdma, cdma rf planning, rake, rake receiver cdma, rake receiver invented in, rf guide, rf optimization, what is fading and its types

Functionally of EPC in LTE

EPC ( Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network) Functionally the EPC is equivalent to the packet switched domain of the existing 3GPP networks. EPC consist of:–MME (Mobility Management Entity)–SAE GW...
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attach, cdma, epc, hlr, lte, pcf, s-gw, telecom

Second-Generation Broadband Systems

Second-generation broadband wireless systems were able to overcome the LOS issue and to provide more capacity. This was done through the use of a cellular architecture and  implementation of advanced-signal...
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3g, antenna, broadband, cdma, cell, difference between, fixed, point, solution, system, telecom, wifi, Wimax

Soft/Softer Handoff in CDMA

Multi-path combination in the BSC during soft handoffMulti-path combination in the BTS during softer handoffs       Soft handoff means that during the handoff of a mobile station at the coverage...
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active, cdma, cell, code, gsm, handoff, interleaving, long, modulation, power, power control, qpsk, rake, scrambling, short, soft, softer

Forward Power Control in CDMA

Message Transmission Mode MS measures the frame quality and informs the base station to the result i.e. whether it is in the threshold or periodical  mode. Base station determines whether ...
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active, cdma, cell, code, handoff, interleaving, long, modulation, power, power control, power control in cdma, qpsk, scrambling, short, soft, softer

Scrambling (M) sequence in CDMA

  Two points are important here:  Maximum number of shift register (N)  Mask The period of out put sequence is 2N-1 bits Only sequence offset is change when the mask...
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active, cdma, cell, code, handoff, interleaving, long, modulation, pn, power, power control, qpsk, scrambling, short, soft, softer

T-Mobile USA Reported to Be in Merger Talks with MetroPCS

Deutsche Telekom is reported to have renewed discussions with the USA based regional network, MetroPCS regarding a possible merger with its own T-Mobile USA network. The two companies were last...
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cdma, google, lte, news, telecom, telecom news, updates, usa

Spreading Technology in WCDMA

Spreading consists of 2 steps: Channelization operation, which transforms data symbols into chips Scrambling operation is applied to the spreading signal Spreading means increasing the bandwidth of the signal beyond...
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bandwidth, cdma, channelization code, data symbol, scrambling, spreading, telecom, utran, what is the real meaning of spreading channelization?

How Transport Channel Work in LTE?

A transport channel defines how and with what characteristics the information is transmitted. Inherited from the WCDMA, data on the transport channel is organized into “Transport Blocks”, TBs. A Transport...
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How Transport Channel Work in LTE?, channel, characterized, transport channels, broadcast, shared channel, link adaptationcdma, cell, CHANNEL, contention free random access, control, dl, lte, lte dl power control, lte downlink, mac, protocol, rlc, service, telecom, transport, ul, uplink

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