Spectrum Analysis of Spreading & Dispreading in WCDMA-3G

How Spreading & Dispreading in WCDMA-3G ? Traditional radio communication systems transmit data using the minimum bandwidth required to carry it as a narrowband signal. CDMA system mix their input...
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Correlation in WCDMA

How Correlation works in WCDMA ? Correlation measures similarity between any two arbitrary signals. Identical and Orthogonal signals: Correlation is used to measure similarity of any two arbitrary signals. It...
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How Many Logical Channel in LTE ?

The following control logical channels have been defined by the 3GPP: BCCH, Broadcast Control Channel, used for the transmission of system control information. A UE needs to decode it before...
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WCDMA Interleaving

How WCDMA Interleaving ? Effect Interleaving is used to reduce the probability of consecutive bits error Longer interleaving periods have better data protection with more delay Channel coding works well...
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WCDMA Channel Coding

Effect Enhance the correlation among symbols so as to recover the signal when interference occurs Provides better error correction at receiver, but brings increment of the delay Channel Types No...
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The Core technology of 3G: CDMA

Formulated by the European standardization organization 3GPP, the core networkevolves on the basis of GSM/GPRS and can thus be compatible with the existingGSM/GPRS networks. It can be based on the...
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Which Bands Used in WCDMA ?

There are different band in different country but most of commonly used band we will discuss here. Main bands : means basic band when 3G commercial launch by Private or public...
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Radio Resource Connection (RRC) protocol in LTE

The Radio Resource Connection (RRC) protocol is implemented in the eNodeB and the UE. In WCDMA, it is implemented in the RNC! RRC is the highest protocol in the control...
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How is Basic Frame Structure in LTE ?

In FDD, the DL and UL Radio Frames (RFs) are not on the same carrier. The RF frame is called Type 1 by the 3GPP. The RF length is 10...
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OFDMA Parameter for LTE

How Many OFDMA Parameter for LTE? Which is OFDMA Parameter for LTE ? The width of a Sub-carrier is 15 kHz whatever the bandwidth The bandwidths are: 1.4, 3, 5,...
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OFDMA Principles in LTE

There are several ways to transmit over the frequency band and to share the resource between several devices.   What is TDMA,CDMA & FDMA ?   1.TDMA • The users...
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How to Reverse Channel works in CDMA

All MS transmit on same frequency but with different PN codes to create different logical channels. Some channels marked for Access are used for signaling and control. While Walsh Codes...
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