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What is the Result of Incorrect PN Planning in CDMA ?

The design of a PN offset plan for CDMA is comparable to that of a signalling channel frequency plan in analog. The consequences of poor offset planning include the following:...
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Interference Margin for CDMA

In determining RF coverage in CDMA systems, the effect of interference generated from the serving cell as well as the neighboring cells must be considered, this is in contrast to...
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Soft Handoff Gain for CDMA

Soft handoff is the term that is normally associated with the fact that a CDMA system makes a connection to a target cell prior to releasing (breaking) from the source...
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Defination and work of Eb/No in CDMA

Eb/No corresponds to energy per bit over interference plus noise density for a given target FER (typical FER target is 1%). In digital communications, it is customary to designate one-sided...
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CDMA Forward Channel Carrier Power

CDMA forward channel carrier power varies greatly depending on how many traffic channels are in use, the characteristics of the users voices, the Forward Power Control settings as requested by...
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How Interleaving Improves Data Transmission Systems?

This graphically demonstrates why interleaving data improves error correction performance of data transmission systems. In the top Image, data is sequentially read out of a buffer than goes by rows....
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CDMA Variable Rate Speech Coder

CDMA takes advantage of quiet times during speech to raise capacity.  A variable rate vocoder is used; for the original vocoder the channel is a 9,600 bps when the user...
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Why Closed Loop Power Control in CDMA

Closed loop power control is used to allow the power from the mobile unit to deviate from the nominal as set by open loop control. This is done with a...
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Open Loop Power Control in CDMA

The Open Loop Power Control require in cdma due to following reason. Assumes Loss is Similar on Forward paths and Reverse Paths Receive Power + Transmit Power = -73 All...
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How Forward Link Traffic Channel Physical Layer in CDMA

Voice data at 9600 bps or 14400 bps (full rate) is first passed through a convolutional encoder, which doubles the data rate for the 9600 bps case or increases it...
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How Forward Error Protection in CDMA

Uses Half-Rate Convolutional Encoder Outputs Two Bits of Encoded Data for Every Input Bit Unlike many digital cellular systems, CDMA provides powerful error correction to all voice data bits. This...
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Sectorization Gain in CDMA

Sectorization gain can be somewhat of a misleading term. One could think of the  sectorization gain as more of a reduction factor. For an omni site, the sectorization gain is...
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