MIMO Multi User in LTE

MIMO-MU = Multi user It is used only in Uplink. MIMO-MU does not increase the individual user’s data rate but it does offer cell capacity gains that are similar to,...
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Indian Networks Ordered to Restart Services Despite Loss of Licenses

India’s telecoms regulator has ordered two mobile networks, Etisalat DB and STel to restart their mothballed networks within three days. The two companies lost their licenses when the Supreme Court...
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Former MTN CEO Denies Turkcell Bribery Allegations

The former CEO at South Africa’s MTN Group has denied claims that he authorised the payment of bribes to government officials to help secure a GSM operator license in Iran....
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How DL Channel works in LTE?

The PDCCH, Physical Downlink Control Channel, allocates the DL and UL resources. There is one PDCCH per sub-frame.   It helps the UE retrieve the transport blocks from the PDSCH:...
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How Transport Channel Work in LTE?

A transport channel defines how and with what characteristics the information is transmitted. Inherited from the WCDMA, data on the transport channel is organized into “Transport Blocks”, TBs. A Transport...
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How Many Logical Channel in LTE ?

The following control logical channels have been defined by the 3GPP: BCCH, Broadcast Control Channel, used for the transmission of system control information. A UE needs to decode it before...
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State of RRC in LTE

RRC uses the following states: RRC_Idle: •The UE is not connected. There is no radio link. •The network knows that the UE is present on the network and is able...
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Establishment and Maintenance of the RRC connection in LTE

The establishment and maintenance of the RRC connection includes:  Allocation of temporary identifiers between UE and E-UTRAN.  Configuration of signaling radio bearer(s) for RRC connection.  Low priority SRB and high...
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Radio Protocol Stack Overview in LTE

In the C-plane, the NAS functional block is used for network attachment, authentication, setting up bearers, and mobility management. All NAS messages are ciphered and integrity protected by the MMEand...
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OFDMA Transmitter in LTE

How OFDMA Transmitter in LTE ? In the downlink, OFDM is selected to efficiently meet E-UTRA performance requirements. With OFDM,  it is straightforward to exploit frequency selectivity of the multi-path...
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Notion of Orthogonality in LTE

In FDM, the sub-carriers are separated in the frequency domain to avoid interference between the sub-channels It results in a loss of spectrum efficiency because the frequency guard band can...
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