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How 26 and 51 Multiframes in GSM

GSM is very complicated when we talk about its rf side and in it very complicated to understand the structure of 26 and 51 Multiframes, here my try to make

How UE Switch to Service types in LTE?

The action of camping on provides access to services. The network provides different levels of service to a UE in either Idle mode or Connected mode. Three levels of services

Non-contention vs Contention Access procedure in LTE

Random access procedure is performed for the following five events: • Initial access from RRC_IDLE; • RRC Connection Re-establishment procedure; • Handover; • DL data arrival during RRC_CONNECTED requiring random

Evaluation process for Cell selection in LTE

S-CRITERION The cell selection criterion S is a pre-condition for suitable cells. The conditions for E-UTRAN, UTRAN FDD and GSM cells are listed in the figure. R – CRITERION –

Cell selection and reselection in LTE UE

To get service from the selected PLMN, the UE performs two types of  procedures: LTE cell selection and LTE cell reselection CELL SELECTION in LTE Upon PLMN selection, LTE UE

What is AMC & its Algorithm in LTE

The effective Eb/No and hence the spectral efficiency depend on BLER. However there are QoS requirements which also have to be considered. Taking both into account leads to a target

UL and DL cell based scheduler

The scheduling is performed on cell basis. The two main functions are to decide which UE(s) shall be scheduled, the number of resources and the MCS to be  applied. Furthermore

Scheduler types in LTE

A variety of scheduling strategies is available in LTE. The scheduling strategy is based on a certain metric. – Round-Robin. No quality indication is taken into consideration. The resources are