Uplink Power Control Calculation in LTE

Transmit power of PUSCH in subframe i is defined by PPUSCH (i) = min{PMAX,10 log10 (MPUSCH (i)) + PO_PUSCH ( j) +α ( j) ⋅ PL + ΔTF (i) +...
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What’s New or Different in iPAD Mini

Feature for feature, the iPad mini mainly bests its rivals in the 7-inch tablet market, but it does so at a price that’s 65 percent higher than those competitors. The...
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T-Mobile USA Deal with Crown Castle about $2.4 Billion Towers

T-Mobile USA has signed a US$2.4 billion deal with Crown Castle that lets the towers operator have sole rights to use and lease out 6,400 of T-Mobile’s towers for the...
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