How Wireless Narrowband Local-Loop Systems in Wimax ?

Naturally, the first application for which a wireless alternative was developed and deployed was voice telephony. These systems, called wireless local-loop (WLL), were quite successful in developing countries such as...
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cdma, dect, lte, rho, telecom, WCDMA / 3G, Wimax, wireless, wisp

What is Beamwidth and Relation between Beamwidth and Gain

What is Beamwidth? The beamwidth is also called the half power beamwidth, including horizontal beamwidth and vertical beamwidth. The horizontal beamwidth and vertical beamwidth is the beamwidth between two points...
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antenna gain, horizontal, vertical, beamwidth, power, antenna, omnidirectional, oscillatorscoverage, coverage planning, cp, cpich, cqi, cqi lte, crc, cs, cyclic prefix length 32 symbols for lte, dac, data control path, data symbol, database, dci, decoding, decrease, dect, dedicated channel, demodulation reference signal lte, diagonal interleaving in gsm, difference, digital, dimension, dimensioning, dimesion, dispreading

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