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How Many LTE Downlink Transport Channel ? How its Work?

There are major four channel in LTE Downlink trasport channel. which list below with its work in short. Paging Channel ( PCH) Supports UE discontinuous reception (DRX) to enable UE...
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BS Transmitting and Receiving Process in Wimax.

Transmitting:  After being processed at the MAC layer, the downlink data is sent to the physical layer inthe format of MAC PDU. The MAC PDU arranges the data block size...
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Work of Downlink Dedicated Physical Channel for 3G

The uplink DPDCH and DPCCH are I/Q code multiplexed. But the downlink DPDCH and DPCCH is time multiplexed. This is main difference. Basically, there are two types of downlink DPCH....
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Single and Multiple User MIMO in the Uplink SU MIMO LTE

SU-MIMO is within LTE, but at the time of this writing has not yet been fully identified. To implement the SU-MIMO UE require two transmitters. This is an important problem...
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