What is the difference between 4G and 4G LTE?

Many people use the terms 4g and 4g interchangeably, but they are not the same. Lets find out the difference…. Features of 4g 4G is the next step above and...
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Handover Process in LTE

The source eNB issues a HANDOVER REQUEST message to the target eNB passing the necessary information to prepare the HO on target side (UE X2 signaling context reference at source...
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How LTE Network Architecture?

The LTE/EPC architecture is driven by the goal to optimize the system for packet data transfer. Remember that There are no circuit switched components in LTE/EPC. There is a new...
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Why LTE Require in Telecom ?

Higher data rates: Obviously this is a general requirement requested from any new system. Quality of service, Lower delay: To enable true convergence between real-time and non-real-time services quality of...
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Fully packet-oriented mobile broadband network providing: - Peak data rates of 100 Mbps (DL) and 50 Mbps (UL) - Very low latency - Seamless and lossless handover - Sophisticated QoS...
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EPS Bearer Terminology in LTE

EPS Bearer Terminology in LTE   Quality of service GBR bearer: Guaranteed bit rate Non-GBR bearer: No guaranteed bit rate Establishment time Default bearer Established when UE connects to PDN...
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Signal Fading

Slow fading: In case shadow effect is caused by obstacles, and the receiving signal strength decreases but the field strength mid-value changes slowly with the change of the topography, the...
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CDMA Channel Frequencies & Calculation

The 850MHz CDMA band is most popularly used all over the world.This band as mentioned in the previous slide works between       824-849MHz Used for the Reverse link communication      ...
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Functionally of EPC in LTE

EPC ( Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network) Functionally the EPC is equivalent to the packet switched domain of the existing 3GPP networks. EPC consist of:–MME (Mobility Management Entity)–SAE GW...
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  LTE network is a PS-Only System, where E-UTRAN is limited to a single node (ENodeB, or eNB). The eNB handles all radio access and control functions. In the core...
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LTE Network and Protocol Architecture

LTE/SAE network architecture EPC -Evolved Packet Core Base Station control plane and user plane protocol stacks EPC protocol stacks  ...
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Evolved HSPA (HSPA+) in LTE

A parallel 3GPP R8 project to LTE and SAE is the Evolved High Speed Packet Access, eHSPA, project (also referred to as HSPA+). The proposed eHSPA features represent a logical...
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