Why Requirements on the EPC in LTE?

A (rather long) list of general requirements has been set up as guidelines for the standardization work related to the EPC. Some of those are: • 3GPP and non-3GPP access...
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Network Architecture in LTE

Figure shows the network architecture of the Evolved Packet Core (EPC). The EPC consists of three main nodes: the Mobility Management Entity (MME), the Serving Gateway (SGW) and the Packet...
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Network Architecture in LTE, interface, networkattach, cdma, epc, lte, mme, packet core, pgw, pn, sgw, telecom


The uppermost evolution track shown in Figure is that developed in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), which is currently the dominant standards development group for mobile radio systems and...
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Radio Wave Spectrum

The radio waves are distributed in 3Hz ~ 3000GHz. This spectrum is divided into 12 bands, as shown in the above table. The frequencies in each specific band present unique...
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mobile communication, frequency, system, coverageantenna, apn, diffraction, epc, pn, radio, rake, receiver, reflectionwave, vlr, wave

PN Code Generation & Masking

  PN Code Generation PN Code Generation PN codes are generated from prime polynomials using modulo 2 arithmetic. The state machines generating these codes are very simple and consist of...
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Spread Spectrum Concept

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Spread Spectrum Conceptapn, BCCH, cdma, CHANNEL, epc, forward, frequency, generate, gsm, lte, orthogonal, pn, pn code, processing gain, traffic, vrf, walsh

Structure of Main BCCH in GSM

The TDMA/FDMA multiplexing is used in GSM, the information needed in the synchronization between MS and BTS is provided by FCCH+SCH. The MS determines the frequency of the BCCH carrier...
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synchronization, sch, timeslots, information, frequencyBCCH, bcch gsm1800, bsic, bts, cell, epc, fcch, fdma, gsm, lte, main bcch, pn, relation, rho, SCH, tdma, vlr

Physical Combination of Logical Channel in GSM

As shown above, CCCH=PCH+RACH+AGCH; downlink CCCH=PCH+AGCH; and uplink CCCH=RACH. In the above combinations, combination 3 and 4 must be allocated to slot 0 of the BCCH carrier configured for the...
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Physical Combination of Logical Channel in GSMAGCH, allocation, BCCH, carrier, ccch, cell, CHANNEL, channel in gsm, combination, epc, frame, gsm, hlr, lte, pch, physical, pn, rach, rho, sacch, timeslot, uplink, vlr, vrf

Logical Channel Type in GSM

As we know, every cell has several TRX and every TRX includes 8 timeslots (i.e. providing 8 basic physical channels). In the radio subsystem, the physical channel supports the logical...
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traffic channel, control channel, physical channels, channel, logical, information, frequency BCCH, cell, epc, gsm, hlr, logical channel, logical channels in gsm, lte, mapped, message, physical channel, pn, radio subsystem, rho, support, timeslots, trx, vlr, vrf

Burst in GSM

The Logical  Channel is used in time multiplex in a physical channel, which is categorized according to the types of messages transmitted in the physical channel. Different logical channels are...
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What is Correlation in CDMA ?

Correlation Is a Measure of How Well a Given Signal Matches a Desired Code, The Desired Code is Compared to the Given Signal at Various Test times. Correlation is key...
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What is Correlation in CDMA, correlation, desired code, given signal, digital, direct sequence CDMA systems, received signalcorrelation, epc, frequency, harq, lte ue, radio, rho, usa, vlr

LTE Overall Architecture with EPC Network Elements and Functional split between E-UTRAN and EPC

EPS provides the user with a PDN IP connectivity for Internet access and for the operation of services such as Voice over IP (VoIP). An EPS bearer is usually associated...
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