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What are SRNC and DRNC in WCDMA

SRNC and DRNC are concepts for a connected UE. The SRNC handles the connection to one UE, and may borrow radio resources of a certain cell from the DRNC. Drift

How Seamless Handover in LTE

Here i write very small notes about How Seamless Handover in LTE which is very basic and some require techniques for real time data handover in LTE. Seamless handover is

How Header Compression in LTE

One of the main functions of the PDCP header compression is using Header Compression (ROHC) robust protocol defined by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) . In LTE, header compression is

LTE Layer 2 user plane protocol stack in detail

LTE user Layer 2 Protocol stack-the plan is composed of three substrates, as shown in the figure. Packet layer packet data convergence Protocol (PDCP) : this layer processes messages resource

Paging in Detail for LTE UE

To receive E-UTRAN pagination, UEs in idle mode for monitoring PDCCH for the channel value used to indicate the pagination RNTI: RNTI-P. The EU needs only to monitor the PDCCH

How Grouped UE Closed Subscriber

Closed Subscriber Group LTE supports the existence of cells which are only available for a limited set of EEC- A closed Subscriber Group (CSG). In order to prevent attempts to

How UE select suitable cell in LTE

Here write in simple words how UE select suitable cell in LTE. After the UE has selected a PLMN, is a done selecting cell – in other words, looking for

Strongest cell selection criteria for UE in LTE

Cell selection consists of the UE seeking stronger cell on all supported frequencies of each transport supported rat until it finds a suitable cell. The main requirement for cell selection