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TCH Interval Allocation Scheme for GSM

In TCH interval grouping, the three cells of the same BTS use the same HSN while different BTS use different HSN, and different MAIO are used by carriers in the

What is GSM Cell Reselection and How it works.

When mobile has been selected successfully the mobile now will start reselection tasks. Perform Cell reselection measurement first Mobile will continuously make measurements on its neighboring cells (asĀ  indicated by

Effect of Power Control and DTX in GSM

Both the power control and the DTX are standard GSM features, which are designed to minimize the interfering transmission when possible. They are both mandatory features in the mobile terminals,

GSM RF Optimization Step by Step

Here I write about GSM RF Optimization Step by Step and how to find KPI degradation and its solution. The RF network optimization process can be categorized by the following