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Point to take care during antenna installation

Here I write down which point to tack care during antenna installation which including Wind load, Work Temperature and Humidity and Camouflaged Antenna Scheme for Sites Wind Load The antennas

Some Passive characteristics definition for antenna

Here I write down some passive characteristics definition for antenna which include Port Isolation, Power capacity, Input Port of Antenna, Passive Intermodulation (PIM) and Dimensions and Weight of Antenna. For

Simple Basic behind Antenna Systems for RF

Any Antenna may be Omni antennas or Directional antenna. Omni antennas provide approximately the same amount of profit throughout the entire 360-degree horizontal pattern. Directional antenna, sometimes referred to as

CDMA Handoff Defination,Types and Capacity

Handoffs The TIA/EIA Interim Standard, Mobile Station – Base Station Compatibility Standard of Dual- Mode Wideband Spread Spectrum Cellular System (TIA/EIA/IS-95), states that a CDMA base station shall support three