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Packet-Switched Radio Interface in LTE

LTE has been designed as a completely packet-oriented multi service system, without the reliance on circuit-switched connection-oriented protocols prevalent in its predecessors. In LTE, this philosophy is applied across all

WCDMA Modulation

Different modulation methods corresponding to different transmitting abilities in air interface. R99/R4: QPSK HSDPA: QPSK or 16QAM The UTRAN air interface uses QPSK modulation in the downlink, although HSDPA may

What is LTE Requirement ?

Peak data rate 100Mbps (DL) and 50Mbps (UL) to 20MHz Throughput increased by 3-4 times and 2-3 times for the downlink to uplink from HSDPA Rel6 (DL=14.4Mbps, to use transmitter

Evolved HSPA (HSPA+) in LTE

A parallel 3GPP R8 project to LTE and SAE is the Evolved High Speed Packet Access, eHSPA, project (also referred to as HSPA+). The proposed eHSPA features represent a logical