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Radio Link Control RLC in LTE

Here i write about Radio Link Control -RLC in LTE in a simple word. The RLC layer is located between the PDCP ( the “top” layer) layer and MAC layer

Paging in Detail for LTE UE

To receive E-UTRAN pagination, UEs in idle mode for monitoring PDCCH for the channel value used to indicate the pagination RNTI: RNTI-P. The EU needs only to monitor the PDCCH

How UE select suitable cell in LTE

Here write in simple words how UE select suitable cell in LTE. After the UE has selected a PLMN, is a done selecting cell – in other words, looking for

How Inter-RAT Mobility performs in LTE

Here I write on How Inter-RAT Mobility performs in LTE, means Handover to LTE and Mobility from LTE. Handover to LTE Procedure for handover of LTE is largely the same

Beam Forming background for LTE

Multiple antennas in LTE may also be used to transmit the same signal appropriately weighted for each antenna element such that the effect is to focus the transmitted beam in

LTE Ray Tracing Model

The LTE Ray Tracing Model involves analyzing electric wave propagation by using the ray tracing method and obtaining the field strength of received signals through theoretical calculation. Some LTE network