Single User and Multi User MIMO codewords in LTE

Figure shows how the two codewords are used for a single user in the downlink. It is also possible that the code words to be assigned to different users to...
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How Many Various Gains brought by the MIMO for LTE

When we talk about LTE RF Planning then the one question in mind is that what about MIMO gains. Here I write Different Gain in LTE like MIMO Gains and...
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How and Which KPI to Check before and after LTE Launch

Operator always needs to check LTE performance before commercial launch and after commercial launch and here I write how and which KPI to check.As This is general guide so it...
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Why its require to know about MIMO and Beam Forming Implementation in LTE Planning

Here I write another two step in LTE planning and why its require to know. Starting from MIMO and Beam Forming Implementation and Understanding of Current Transmission Backhaul Network Capability...
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MIMO Principles

The basic mechanism behind MIMO is linear algebra. If we e.g. transmit N (=2) signals S0, S1 via two antennas and receive the signal at M (=2) antennas R0, R1...
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mimo, MIMO LTE, telecom

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