LTE MIMO Types of Inputs and Outputs

LTE MIMO “input” and “output” are used for medium between transmitters and receivers, including both RF components – known as the “channel”. Thus, the base station with two transmitters provides...
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Interference Limited MIMO Systems for Wimax

The third assumption—that the background noise is Gaussian and uncorrelated with the transmissions—is especially suspect in a cellular MIMO system. All well-designed cellular systems are by nature interference limited: If they...
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Ways to transmit training symbols: preamble or pilot tones in Wimax

There are two ways to transmit training symbols: preamble or pilot tones. Preambles entail sending a certain number of training symbols prior to the user data symbols. In the case...
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What is Basic behind MIMO for LTE

MIMO and other transmit spatial diversity scheme is a newer application than receive diversity and has become widely implemented only in the early 2000s. As the signals sent from different...
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How SU-MIMO Framework in LTE Rel 8

SU-MIMO is one of the key technologies in LTE Rel 8. There are two major operations under SU-MIMO: transmit diversity and spatial multiplexing. Transmit diversity is an efficient way to...
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MIMO Feedback in LTE Rel 8

CSI feedback allows downlink transmission to be adaptively optimized based on the instantaneous DL channel, so that closed loop beamforming and adaptive link adaptation can be enabled to optimize the...
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How MU-MIMO Framework in LTE

MU-MIMO is widely considered a key technology for system capacity improvement in modern wireless networks. In contrast to SU-MIMO, where the spatial multiplexing gain is confined to a single user,...
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How and Which KPI to Check before and after LTE Launch

Operator always needs to check LTE performance before commercial launch and after commercial launch and here I write how and which KPI to check.As This is general guide so it...
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Why its require to know about MIMO and Beam Forming Implementation in LTE Planning

Here I write another two step in LTE planning and why its require to know. Starting from MIMO and Beam Forming Implementation and Understanding of Current Transmission Backhaul Network Capability...
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MIMO Principles

The basic mechanism behind MIMO is linear algebra. If we e.g. transmit N (=2) signals S0, S1 via two antennas and receive the signal at M (=2) antennas R0, R1...
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How to LTE Radio Air Interface?

The state-of-the-art design of the LTE air interface is characterised by OFDMA (DL) and SC-FDMA (UL) together with MIMO. The downlink modulation is based on OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple...
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