T-Mobile USA Signs Satellite Roaming Agreement with Thuraya

Satellite phone operator, Thuraya has launched its roaming service in the USA after signing a deal with T-Mobile USA. The service allows Thuraya subscribers to roam with their Thuraya mobile...
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How Common Control Channel (CCCH) works in GSM ?

RACH(Random Access Channel) Uplink only. Used by the MS when making its first access to the Network. The reason for access could be initiation of a call or a page...
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What is Function of CSN in Wimax?

CSN – Core Service Network. Definition It is a combination of a set of network functions and provides IPconnections for the WiMAX subscribers. The CSN consists of the router,AAA agent...
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Advantages of Intelligent Network (IN)

Concept of Intelligent Network: The introduction of new services and access to the GSM service are based on the concept of Intelligent Network (IN). This is because of the independence...
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The Core technology of 3G: CDMA

Formulated by the European standardization organization 3GPP, the core networkevolves on the basis of GSM/GPRS and can thus be compatible with the existingGSM/GPRS networks. It can be based on the...
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  LTE network is a PS-Only System, where E-UTRAN is limited to a single node (ENodeB, or eNB). The eNB handles all radio access and control functions. In the core...
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Uplink Logical Channel in GSM

1. Random access channel (RACH) It is an uplink channel used for MS randomly access to network by requesting for an SDCCH. The request includes a 3bit setup reason (call...
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UMTS Network Structure

UTRAN (UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access network) structure The UTRAN consists of one or several Radio Network Subsystem ( RNS ), each containing one RNC and one or several NodeB. Interface...
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