Fully packet-oriented mobile broadband network providing: - Peak data rates of 100 Mbps (DL) and 50 Mbps (UL) - Very low latency - Seamless and lossless handover - Sophisticated QoS...
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What are the Advantages of OFDMA in Wimax ?

 OFDMA is essentially a hybrid of FDMA and TDMA: Users are dynamically assigned subcarriers (FDMA) in different time slots (TDMA) . The advantages of OFDMA start with the advantages of...
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The Benefit of OFDM & OFDMA in Wimax

Less complex modulation. OFDM is a simpler modulation technique that is better suited to deployments that do not require support for mobility.  License-exempt bands. Mobile services require licensed spectrum to...
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SC-FDMA Receiver Benefits in LTE

DFT spreading of modulation symbols reduces PAPR In OFDM, each modulation symbols “sees” a single 15 kHz subcarrier (flat channel) In SC-FD-A, each modulation symbol “sees” a wider bandwidth (i.e....
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OFDMA Transmitter in LTE

How OFDMA Transmitter in LTE ? In the downlink, OFDM is selected to efficiently meet E-UTRA performance requirements. With OFDM,  it is straightforward to exploit frequency selectivity of the multi-path...
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LTE Sub-carrier

How Many Sub Carrier in LTE? Read below,..There are different kinds of sub-carriers: Data sub-carrier Pilot Sub-carrier DC sub-carrier Guard Sub-carrier DC stands for Direct Current and it is a...
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Notion of Orthogonality in LTE

In FDM, the sub-carriers are separated in the frequency domain to avoid interference between the sub-channels It results in a loss of spectrum efficiency because the frequency guard band can...
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Ways to transmit training symbols: preamble or pilot tones in Wimax

There are two ways to transmit training symbols: preamble or pilot tones. Preambles entail sending a certain number of training symbols prior to the user data symbols. In the case...
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OFDM Receiver and How it work for LTE?

The receiver is like in any other radio system the more complicated part. In radio systems and of course also OFDM there are two special points a receiver has to...
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