BS Transmitting and Receiving Process in Wimax.

Transmitting:  After being processed at the MAC layer, the downlink data is sent to the physical layer inthe format of MAC PDU. The MAC PDU arranges the data block size...
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coding, downlink data, fdma, mac, modulation, ofdma, pdu, physical, radio resource, telecom, uplink

What are the Advantages of OFDMA in Wimax ?

 OFDMA is essentially a hybrid of FDMA and TDMA: Users are dynamically assigned subcarriers (FDMA) in different time slots (TDMA) . The advantages of OFDMA start with the advantages of...
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access, cell, fdma, frequency diversity, ofdm, ofdma, subcarrier, tdma, telecom, uplink, user

System information & DL-SCH data in LTE

System information 1920 bits or 1728 bits are to be transmitted for normal or extended CP resp.. The PBCH is transmitted every 40 ms. The bit scrambling depends on the...
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cell, lte, number of symbols used for phich, ofdma, PBCH, pbch mapping, sch lte, symbol, telecom

The Benefit of OFDM & OFDMA in Wimax

Less complex modulation. OFDM is a simpler modulation technique that is better suited to deployments that do not require support for mobility.  License-exempt bands. Mobile services require licensed spectrum to...
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fdma, mobile service, mobility, ofdm, ofdma, telecom, Wimax

Emergence of Standards-Based Technology

In 1998, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) formed a group called 802.16 to develop a standard for what was called a wireless metropolitan area network, or wireless...
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Emergence of Standards-Based Technology, interoperability testing, ieee, standards, wimax forum, physical layer, specifications, metropolitan area, interoperability testing, division duplexing3g, antenna, broadband, difference between, fdma, fixed, ofdma, point, solution, system, telecom, wifi, Wimax

Resource Block & Physical Resource Block in LTE

Resource Block Multiplex multiple users both in time and frequency, together with pilots and control signals. The time-frequency plane is divided into chunks=minimum resource allocation unit. The traffic multiplexing is...
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time and frequency, physical resource, resource block, frequency, allocationenodeb, fdma, lte, multiplex, ofdma, physical resource block, resource block, resource block in lte, telecom, traffic, traffic in lte, user

OFDMA Parameter for LTE

How Many OFDMA Parameter for LTE? Which is OFDMA Parameter for LTE ? The width of a Sub-carrier is 15 kHz whatever the bandwidth The bandwidths are: 1.4, 3, 5,...
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OFDMA Parameter for LTE, ofdma, ofdmbandwidth, cdma, fdma, hz, lte, ofdma, ofdma lte, parameter for lte, sub carrier, symbol, telecom

Difference between DL and UL in LTE

what is main Difference between DL and UL in LTE ? OFDMA Advantages Robust against narrow-band co-channel interference Robust against Intersymbol interference (ISI) and fading High spectral efficiency Efficient implementation...
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Difference between DL and U, interference, fadingdifference, dl signal, fdma, implementation margin, intersymbol interference, isi, lte, ofdma, papr, power, telecom, what is fading and its types

OFDMA Transmitter in LTE

How OFDMA Transmitter in LTE ? In the downlink, OFDM is selected to efficiently meet E-UTRA performance requirements. With OFDM,  it is straightforward to exploit frequency selectivity of the multi-path...
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OFDMA Transmitter, ofdma, ofdmbandwidth, cell, e-utra, fdma, frequency, lte, ofdm, ofdm in lte, ofdma, telecom

OFDMA Principles in LTE

There are several ways to transmit over the frequency band and to share the resource between several devices.   What is TDMA,CDMA & FDMA ?   1.TDMA • The users...
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OFDMA Principles in LTEcdma, device, fdma, frequency band, gsm, lte, ofdma, resourse, tdma, telecom


Adopting a multicarrier approach for multiple access in LTE was the first major design choice. The choice of multiple-access schemes was made in December 2005, with OFDMA being selected for...
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antenna, MULTICARRIER TECHNOLOGIESaccess in lte, cell, dimension, fdma, lte, multicarrier, ofdma, pn, sc fdma, telecom, uplink

UL Allocation (SC-FDMA) in LTE

SC-FDMA utilizes single carrier modulation, DFT-spread orthogonal frequency multiplexing, and frequency domain equalization. LTE uses OFDMA on the DL. It allocates DL bandwidth to the user based on resource blocks,...
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ofdma, subcarriers, transmitted, symbol, spreadamplifier, amplitude, bandwidth, cell, dl, enodeb, fdma, ofdma, orthogonal, resource block, subcarrier

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