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BS Transmitting and Receiving Process in Wimax.

Transmitting:  After being processed at the MAC layer, the downlink data is sent to the physical layer inthe format of MAC PDU. The MAC PDU arranges the data block size...
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coding, downlink data, fdma, mac, modulation, ofdma, pdu, physical, radio resource, telecom, uplink

State of RRC in LTE

RRC uses the following states: RRC_Idle: •The UE is not connected. There is no radio link. •The network knows that the UE is present on the network and is able...
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Radio Resource Connection (RRC) protocol in LTE

The Radio Resource Connection (RRC) protocol is implemented in the eNodeB and the UE. In WCDMA, it is implemented in the RNC! RRC is the highest protocol in the control...
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Radio Protocol Architecture in LTE

The EUTRAN radio protocol model specifies the protocols terminated between UE and eNB. The protocol stack follows the standard guidelines for radio protocol architectures (ITU-R M1035) and is thus quite...
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carrier, cdma, eutran, EUTRAN radio, fdma, gsm, harq, interface, lte, ofdma, pdcp, physical resource block, protocol, radio resource, resource block, rrc, telecom, uplink

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