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LTE Frame Structure and Resource Block Architecture

LTE Frame Structure The figure below shows the LTE frame structure under Time division mode (TDD) Type 2 and Frequency Division mode (FDD) Type 1. Main differences in LTE Frame...
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What is RAKE RECEIVER and its Purpose in CDMA

Rake Receiver Instead of trying to overpower or correct multipath problems, CDMA takes advantage of the multipath to improve reception quality in fading conditions. CDMA does this by using multiple...
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LTE Architecture- SERVICE, EPC, E-UTRAN and User Equipment

lets talk aboutĀ LTE Architecture- SERVICE, EPC, E-UTRAN and User Equipment. In the LTE network is divided into 2 basic networks, namely: 1. EUTRAN (Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network) 2....
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CDMA Traffic Channel Definitions Effective Traffic,Actual Traffic and Physical Traffic

Traffic Channel Definitions In analog systems, the traffic channels (or voice channels) are synonymous with the physical transceiver hardware. The nature of CDMA technology implies that the effective traffic carrying...
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List of Parameters and Terms for PN Offset Planning in CDMA

There are various parameters and terms which come into play when discussing PN offsets and their function in CDMA. System Time All base station digital transmissions are referenced to a...
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What is the Result of Incorrect PN Planning in CDMA ?

The design of a PN offset plan for CDMA is comparable to that of a signalling channel frequency plan in analog. The consequences of poor offset planning include the following:...
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Soft Handoff Gain for CDMA

Soft handoff is the term that is normally associated with the fact that a CDMA system makes a connection to a target cell prior to releasing (breaking) from the source...
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Defination and work of Eb/No in CDMA

Eb/No corresponds to energy per bit over interference plus noise density for a given target FER (typical FER target is 1%). In digital communications, it is customary to designate one-sided...
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CDMA Forward Channel Carrier Power

CDMA forward channel carrier power varies greatly depending on how many traffic channels are in use, the characteristics of the users voices, the Forward Power Control settings as requested by...
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Global Positioning System – GPS

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a radio-navigation system that employs RF transmitters in 24 satellites. The satellite configuration when completed will guarantee that a GPS receiver located anywhere on...
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How Antenna Downtilting selection for cdma ?

Downtilting is the method of effectively adjusting the vertical radiation pattern of the antenna to increase the amount of power radiated downwards. Downtilting can be used to increase the amount...
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Sectorization Gain in CDMA

Sectorization gain can be somewhat of a misleading term. One could think of theĀ  sectorization gain as more of a reduction factor. For an omni site, the sectorization gain is...
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